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Our staff includes experienced doctorate and masters level therapists and relationship coaches who will take the time to thoroughly evaluate your situation and devise a customized treatment plan based on your individual needs.   

Please reach out to our Client Care Team for personalized recommendations based on your needs and preferences.

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Our Specialties

Treatment for Narcissistic Behaviors
Emotional Abuse
Trauma Recovery
Therapeutic Separation
High Conflict Couples

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs Lets Tackle Your Qs scaled

While our clinicians are highly trained and licensed professionals, we do not direct bill to insurance companies due to state regulatory considerations. All of our staff operate as clinicians and all of the services we provide are entirely out-of-pocket.

Our hourly rates vary based on the clinician you choose, and range from $160 to $265 per hour. Please note that a therapy session lasts 50 minutes. We also offer discounted packages for pre-paid 5-hour and 10-hour sessions.

The majority of our counseling sessions are conducted via Zoom Meetings. While phone calls are an option, we recommend Zoom whenever possible. We also offer in-person intensives as recommended by your clinician, in various locations including Washington state, North Carolina, Missouri, and Mexico. Our goal is to expand to more locations in the future.

We believe in addressing the root causes rather than focusing on the presenting symptoms. Our approach involves uncovering the underlying issues through individual therapy, and addressing related concerns such as addictions, trauma, past relationship wounds, narcissism, co-dependency, and other obstacles that are preventing you from experiencing healthy relationships.

Yes! Our counselors are trained and skilled in identifying and treating emotional abuse, including covert abuse. Both perpetrators and victims have distinct pathways for healing and recovery, most often involving individual counseling before couples counseling is considered.

Contrary to outdated notions, narcissism is treatable. Dr. Hawkins, a leading expert in narcissism and emotional abuse treatment, created the Comprehensive Core Program to help men overcome their narcissistic behaviors. It’s important to underline that we assess behaviors and traits of emotional and narcissistic abuse, rather than providing clinical mental health disorder diagnoses. Our emphasis lies in fostering accountability for behavior change and healing. It’s crucial to note that most clients demonstrate narcissistic tendencies, rather than the rare NPD diagnosis.

Success hinges on your commitment to personal growth and your level of engagement in the sessions. There are no quick fixes, but if you’re willing to show up and do the work, we will equip you with the tools to transform into the person you aspire to be.

Many of our staff are Christians and offer a biblical based perspective on healing, redemption, and heart change.  However, we work with people of all beliefs, backgrounds, and respect everyone’s individual beliefs and preferences.  If Christian counseling is important to you, or you prefer a non-religious perspective, we will match you with the best clinician for your needs and preferences.

Yes! Dr. Hawkins and his team are available for speaking engagements at conferences, churches, seminars, and events. Topics range from healthy marriages, intimacy, narcissism, emotional abuse, and more. For rates and availability, please email katie@marriagerecoverycenter.com.

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At the Marriage Recovery Center, we are passionate about helping couples discover hope and healing for their relationships. Whether you are in a toxic, destructive marriage or simply longing for deeper connection with your spouse, our counselors will help you gain the tools you need to experience a healthy and fulfilling marriage.

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