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Myths About Narcissism

MYTH:  If you are married to a narcissist, run for your life. 

FACT:  The fact is, most people who are thought to be narcissists do not have the malignant form of the antisocial personality disorder but rather are somewhere on the spectrum, having mild to severe narcissist traits. The higher they are on the spectrum, the more difficult it is to successfully treat them. That said, we have helped hundreds of people overcome their narcissistic tendencies and heal their marriages. 


MYTH: Narcissists are not capable of change. 

FACT:  Science tells us that our brains can be re-wired and new pathways can be created. Here at the Marriage Recovery Center, we use powerful therapeutic interventions to help people break old patterns and learn new ways of relating. So, if you are willing to do your part to show up and commit to do the work, we can create an environment for healing to take place.   


MYTH:  All narcissists are men. 

FACT:   While statistics would show that the majority of narcissists are men, narcissism is not a gender-specific issue and affects both men and women. We are not biased in this regard and thoroughly evaluate the behaviors of both the husband and wife and how they have each contributed to the breakdown of the relationship.

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