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What Does the Bible Say About Woman Worth
Lenne' Hunt

What Does the Bible Say About Woman Worth?

What does the Bible say about woman worth? And how has our misinterpretation of the term “helpmate” shaped how we view a woman’s role and

What is Brainspotting
Dr. David Hawkins

What is Brainspotting and How Does it Work

What is brainspotting? Brainspotting is another form of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing). It focuses primarily on the physical effects of trauma and distress, and

How to Stop Being Reactive
Healing and Recovery

How to Stop Being Reactive and Calm Down

Do you want to learn a simple tool that will help you build distress tolerance, learn to respond effectively to the stresses and challenges of

Effects of Coping
Healing and Recovery

What are the Harmful Effects of Coping

Coping is often seen as a good thing. But might it actually be bad for you? Coping mechanisms often hide underlying issues, and when left

Qualities of Emotional Maturity

5 Qualities of Emotional Maturity

Dr. David B. Hawkins, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the Director of The Marriage Recovery Center, discusses the 5 qualities of emotional maturity (“growing up”) and


Changing Your Course with an Intervention

The couples that come to us for help have often landed in a random, dysfunctional, unhealthy place. Frequently, one of them believes the best hope


How Strong is Your Foundation?

One of the primary themes at the Marriage Recovery Center is the concept of “Healing Together”. This philosophy refers to the concept that a marriage


Finding Sanity in the Age of COVID-19

You may never have looked at it this way, but relationships have personalities, just like people do. Some are calm, durable, steady, and comfortable; others


Another Fortunate Growth Opportunity

“I blew it again this week,” a man said to me recently. “What happened?” I asked. “I don’t know what I was thinking,” he continued.


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