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What Does the Bible Say About Woman Worth

What Does the Bible Say About Woman Worth?

What does the Bible say about woman worth? And how has our misinterpretation of the term “helpmate” shaped how we view a woman’s role and value in today’s world? Lenne’ Hunt speaks to pastors and counselors about these questions and more.

What Does the Bible Say About Woman Worth?

Understanding the Unique Role of Women in God’s Plan

In today’s world, women occupy a unique and influential position, often serving as the face and voice of God in various capacities. Whether you’re a pastor, a counselor, or a leader within your congregation, your role in guiding and helping those who seek spiritual guidance is of immense importance. This article aims to explore what the Bible says about the worth of women, especially in the context of addressing emotional abuse within marriages. It is vital to address this issue within a biblical framework, as emotional abuse can often be hidden and challenging to identify, leading to a lack of understanding and support for the victims.

The Challenge of Recognizing Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is a complex issue, particularly within the context of marriage. It can be challenging to define and identify because it often remains hidden behind closed doors. Victims of emotional abuse, typically women, may approach pastors and spiritual leaders seeking help and understanding. However, they are sometimes met with disbelief or dismissal, exacerbating their pain and isolation.

Misrepresentations of Scripture

One challenge faced when addressing emotional abuse within the church is the misrepresentation or incomplete representation of scripture. The Bible does not explicitly address every issue that modern society faces. Therefore, it becomes necessary to extrapolate and interpret God’s intentions through the broader narrative presented in scripture.

Reexamining Eve’s Role

To understand the worth and significance of women, we can start by reexamining the role of Eve in the creation story. In Genesis, Eve is often portrayed as an afterthought or accessory to Adam. However, a deeper look at the original Hebrew reveals a different perspective. The term “ezer kenegdo” used to describe Eve can be translated as a helper who comes to provide military aid. This imagery suggests that Eve was created not as a mere companion but as a strong and essential partner, ready to engage in the battle of life alongside Adam.

The Song of Songs

Another misconception is the notion that women are more naturally inclined toward intimacy and relationships. However, a closer look at the Song of Songs, a book of the Bible dedicated to the celebration of love and desire, challenges this idea. In the Song of Songs, it is the husband who leads the way in intimacy, inviting his wife into a deeper connection. This demonstrates that both men and women are equally capable of fostering intimacy in their relationships.

The Battle Against Women

From the very beginning of human history, there has been a battle against women. Satan, recognizing the beauty of God in women, has directed a special hatred towards them. The curse placed upon the serpent in Genesis 3:15 indicates that Satan understands that the Redeemer will come through the seed of the woman, and this terrifies him. Thus, throughout history, women have often been targeted for oppression and mistreatment.

Emotional Abuse and Its Impact

Emotional abuse, a form of torment and control, is one way in which women have been systematically damaged by individuals they should be able to trust. Emotional abuse manifests through behaviors such as gaslighting, blame-shifting, lack of empathy, and name-calling. These actions aim to crush the soul and maintain control over the victim. In the context of marriage, emotional abuse can shatter the very foundation of trust and love.

The Role of Spiritual Leaders

As spiritual leaders, you have a unique opportunity to speak life into the hearts of wounded women and struggling marriages. It is essential to recognize the significance and worth of women in God’s plan and to provide a safe and understanding environment for those who seek help. Remember that women, like Eve, are the crown of God’s creation, not mere accessories to men.


Understanding the worth and significance of women in the Bible is crucial in addressing emotional abuse within marriages and relationships. By recognizing the biblical perspective that women are strong, essential partners, and the crown of God’s creation, spiritual leaders can provide valuable support and guidance to those who seek help. It is essential to offer empathy, understanding, and resources to individuals experiencing emotional abuse, helping them find healing and restoration in their faith and relationships. By doing so, the church can play a vital role in promoting healthy, loving marriages and fostering an environment of respect and equality for all its members.

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