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Forgive Yourself
Healing and Recovery

Learn How to Forgive Yourself

When people find themselves in a bad situation, for example, a bad relationship, people either blame the other person, or they blame themselves. In this

Mindful Speaking
Lenne' Hunt

How to Practice Mindful Speaking

Speaking with anger in your heart often creates more conflict. By practicing mindful speaking and watching your words, conversations with your partner can begin to

Conflict in a Relationship

How to Navigate Conflict in a Relationship

The health of your relationship is not defined by the absence of conflict, but rather how you allow the conflict to define your relationship or

What Does The Bible Say About Divorce

What Does The Bible Say About Divorce

What does the bible say about divorce? This is a question we get asked often from people who are in an emotionally abusive relationship, and

What Does the Bible Say About Woman Worth
Lenne' Hunt

What Does the Bible Say About Woman Worth?

What does the Bible say about woman worth? And how has our misinterpretation of the term “helpmate” shaped how we view a woman’s role and

The Path To Restoration
Healing and Recovery

The Path To Restoration

1. The Path To Restoration : Repentance Is reconciliation possible after trust has been broken? In Part 1 of our 4-Part series on The Path

Narcissists Deny Responsibility
Narcissistic Personalities

Why do Narcissists Deny Responsibility?

Narcissists deny responsibility for their behaviors. If you’re familiar with narcissistic personality, then you’re heard terms like gas-lighting, crazy-making and blame-shifting. What these are, really,

What is Reactive Abuse
Emotional Abuse

What is Reactive Abuse In A Relationship?

What is reactive abuse? It is when a victim of emotional abuse starts to exhibit the same or similar behaviors of their abuser. It is

Effects of Porn on Marriage
Intensive Marriage Counseling

What are the Effects of Porn on Marriage?

Our therapists and coaches discuss their candid thoughts on some of the things they commonly encounter in their work with couples. In this video, Lenne’


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