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Category: Trauma

Early Childhood Influences
Lee Kaufman

How Early Childhood Influences on Who We Are

Lee Kaufman discusses how early childhood influences on who we are. He examines how factors like geography and in utero develop impact your experience of

How to Use EMDR
Healing and Recovery

How to Use EMDR to Overcome Trauma

Leigh Ann is the Marriage Recovery Center’s Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) Specialist, with extensive training and experience in trauma recovery. She recently sat down

Recover from Emotional Abuse Trauma
Emotional Abuse

How to Recover from Emotional Abuse Trauma

Does every situation feel threatening to you? Do you constantly question your own thoughts and feelings? Do you feel easily overwhelmed, or find yourself withdrawing

Recover From Traumatic Events

How to Recover From Traumatic Events

We all experience what we call “traumatic events” and our brains and bodies are designed to help us recover from these events. But for some

Safe Place in EMDR
Healing and Recovery

How to Use Safe Place in EMDR

We’ve been talking about the power of EMDR to help clients overcome trauma and experience freedom from a past or ongoing event that they just

What is Brainspotting
Dr. David Hawkins

What is Brainspotting and How Does it Work

What is brainspotting? Brainspotting is another form of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing). It focuses primarily on the physical effects of trauma and distress, and

trauma bonding

Trauma Bonding: What It Is & How to Heal

One of the severe adverse effects of being in an abusive relationship is that it distorts a person’s sense of self and reality. Narcissists have

emotional abuse trauma
Emotional Abuse

How to Heal From Emotional Abuse Trauma

Dr. David B. Hawkins, describes how to heal from emotional abuse trauma and begin recovery. In any emotionally destructive marriage, you feel like you are


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