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Dr. David Hawkins

The Impact of Emotional Abuse on Men

At the Marriage Recovery Center, we talk a lot about women who have been emotionally abused. I have written about this tragedy extensively and I


Telling Him What Needs to Change: Part 1

Mary is a typical client. She has spent years looking for ways to better connect with her husband, Joe. She’s read numerous books and articles.


Is He Really Changing? Part 2

In part 1 of this blog (which you can read here), I wrote about the pressure some of you wives may feel to come up

Dr. David Hawkins

Is Your Marriage Making You Sick?

For years researchers have championed the positive aspects of being married. Healthy marriages offer us opportunities to have a partner in facing stress, a mate

Healing and Recovery

Can Narcissism Be Treated?

One of the most common things we hear at the Marriage Recovery Center on the subject of narcissism goes something like this: “Everything thing I

Dr. David Hawkins

Narcissism = Emotional Immaturity

I am spending increasing amounts of time with my five grandchildren. They are at the same time delightful, charming, engaging, manipulative, deceptive and self-centered. They


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