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Why Narcissists Always Have to be Right
Dr. David Hawkins

Why Narcissists Always Have to be Right?

In the realm of psychology, narcissistic individuals often display a peculiar characteristic—they always have to be right. Dr. David Hawkins analyzes this phenomenon and the

Complexity of Narcissism
Narcissistic Personalities

The Complexity of Narcissism Explained!

Our brains like to try to make sense of the world by looking for patterns and trying to make things fit within what we know

Why Narcissism Is So Widely Misunderstood
Narcissistic Personalities

Why Narcissism Is So Widely Misunderstood

There is so much misinformation online when it comes to narcissism and emotional abuse. Whenever the topic comes up, it seems all of a sudden

why are narcissists so easily offended
Dr. David Hawkins

Why Are Narcissists So Easily Offended?

Have you ever wondered why are narcissists so easily offended? Much like six-year-old children, narcissists or emotionally abusive individuals simply don’t have the emotional tools,

False Promises Narcissists Make
Narcissistic Personalities

3 False Promises Narcissists Make

If your spouse says things like “I’m doing the best I can” or “I have every intention of making changes” they are very likely signs

Are Narcissists Intentionally Cruel
Narcissistic Personalities

Are Narcissists Intentionally Cruel?

Are narcissists intentionally cruel? Most of what you hear and read on the internet will tell you yes, narcissists are evil and get pleasure from


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