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EPISODE 4: Chauvinism or Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Is he a chauvinist or a narcissist, or both? Dr. David Hawkins and Dr. John Hudson discuss the differences and similarities between chauvinism and narcissism, and why people often mistake one for the other – both are grounded in a feeling of superiority and entitlement. Find out why they are equally dangerous and destructive to relationships, and how they approach treating these characterological issues in their practice.


EPISODE 3: Emotional and Narcissistic Abuse, Part Two

In this episode Dr. Hawkins and Sharmen drop a truth bomb, and that is that narcissists and co-dependents, or victims of emotional abuse, actually have a lot in common – they both act out or respond in unhealthy ways in an attempt to manage and control the world around them. The bottom line is, they both lack a healthy sense of self and are living “in hiding” as a form of self-protection. Listen in as they talk about the chaos and dysfunction that ensues when we remain stuck in our learned responses to trauma, and the power that we all have to choose to respond differently.

EPISODE 2: Financial Abuse

Almost all couples fight about money. It is, after all, among the top four reasons couples get divorced. So, how do you know when your marital problems are “just” money problems, or when it’s one of the power and control tactics characteristic of emotional abuse. Dr. Hawkins and Lee Kaufman discuss what financial abuse is, what drives a person to those kinds of behaviors, and some words of advice for victims of financial abuse.

EPISODE 1: Emotional and Narcissistic Abuse, Part One   

In this episode, Dr. Hawkins is joined by Sharmen Kimbrough as they talk about how narcissistic and emotional abuse affects relationships, as well as some of the ways you can work toward healing your relationship.  You’ll also learn what to do when you’ve tried a thousand ways to connect with your partner and there is “nothing more to be done.”