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Building Good Boundaries

Most of us believe that if we find the right person, our marriage will be a joy to maintain. The relationship will flow naturally, and each person will value the other too much to let the distance get too wide or the hurt go too deep. The natural conclusion to this idea is that when the relationship is unfulfilling, abusive, stagnant, unstable, unsafe, and untrustworthy, you must have married the wrong person, and you fix it by giving up or getting out.

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Healing Broken Agreements

Trust is often taken for granted. We rely on trust as foundation for every relationship. Consider with me for a moment the power of trust and the necessity of making, and keeping, agreements. Agreements are sacred oaths and must be kept. What should happen if agreements are broken? How can one restore the relationship and begin the process of rebuilding trust? Consider these action steps—The 3 A’s of healing broken agreements.

Getting to the Core

The armor we put on to shield ourselves actually weighs us down and prevents us from responding to the world in a healthy way. In our attempt to protect our emotions, we view life and relationships through a lens of fear and apprehension. There IS a better way to respond to the challenges you face in life and experience more fulfilling relationships as God intended. We call that process Getting To The Core.

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