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I'm Dr. David Hawkins, MSW, MA, PhD

Join me as we discover how to live A Love Life of your Dreams

The Marriage Recovery Center
Specializes in Resolving...

• Emotionally Destructive Marriages

• Sexual Addictions in Marriage

• Narcissistic Issues in Marriage

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A Love Life of Your Dreams - Marriage Recovery Center Dr. David Hawkins

Are you ready to live a Love Life of Your Dreams…

Knowing why you want to change is critical, but knowing what you want to change is even more important. Consider specifically what you want changed. Try to identify exactly what it is about your relationship YOU MUST HAVE DIFFERENT. Please Download my FREE ebook A Love Life of Your Dreams today and learn how you and your mate can have it all!

This powerful program is for you!

I would like to partner with you to make wonderful, healthy, loving connections with your mate. There will be times of chaos as you move from the old way of relating to the new way. But, I assure you, if you stick with it, and allow me to coach you, positive change will occur. If one person in a relationship changes, the other must by necessity change as well.

Sexual Health And Reconciliation Program


Where do you go when your life is being turned upside down…

Sexual addiction does not only impact the addict, but the marriage and entire family. Just as drug and alcohol addiction destroy marriages, sexual addiction is equally destructive.

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Our Counseling Packages

24 hour plus marriage intensive | Marriage Recovery Center

Are you in the midst of a crisis in your marriage?

Have you discovered that your spouse is having an affair or is in the thick of addiction?  Or are you struggling with emotional abuse? Is divorce feeling like the only real option?  If so, contact us immediately because this Marriage Intensive package is for you.

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Crisis Personal Intensive Marriage Package | Marriage Recovery Center

Need a retreat away from your stressful life?

Are you desperately needing help sorting through your chaos? Enjoy the surroundings on the nearby hiking trails & walks on the beach while working through your struggle with depression, anxiety, co-dependency, addiction or marital crisis.

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Customized Marriage Intensive Package | Marriage Recovery Center

Do you and your mate seem to encounter the same conflicts?

We can customize a package especially for you and your mate. We offer a  combination of doing some of your work from your own home and have you both spend some time at The Marriage Recovery Center.

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The Marriage Tune Up | Marriage Recovery Center

Is your marriage feeling stale?

Are you and your mate lacking a true intimate connection? Do you find it difficult to communicate at deep level? If so, this intensive will teach you how to communicate effectively, connecting with your spouse in a way you have never experienced.

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Overcoming Resistance to Marriage Counseling

Overcoming Resistance to Marriage Counseling

Are your thinking, “There is no way he’ll agree to marriage counseling” Well, you’re not alone! “He doesn’t think we need marriage counseling,” “He says what happens behind closed doors is our business and besides, we’ve tried marriage counseling in the past and...
Having an Affair: Broken Before the Infidelity Began

Having an Affair: Broken Before the Infidelity Began

There is perhaps no greater pain than that of intimate betrayal by a mate. The one whom you’ve entrusted your life to, whom you’ve shared every intimate aspect of living with, now has shared those very aspects of their being with someone else—a place and part of them...
Can Your Marriage Survive an Affair?

Can Your Marriage Survive an Affair?

Have you experienced an affair in your marriage? Do you feel hopeless that your marriage will survive this trauma? Do you find yourself to be bitter and angry? If so, you are not alone! We see many many couples at the Marriage Recovery Center who have just experienced...

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Are You Ready to Live a Love Life of Your Dreams?

The Marriage Recovery Center offers a comforting retreat center where couples can get away from their personal environment and distractions and meet with specially trained clinicians who will skillfully address their relationship concerns..

Let our staff of Master’s and Doctorate level clinicians help you! With years of experience in counseling couples with a range of expertise; from marriage enrichment to marriage crisis, we are here and dedicated to get you on the path to a happy, healthy marriage…and a Love Life of Your Dreams!Contact Us Today