Have you lost hope for your marriage

Have you lost hope
for your marriage?

Is your marriage in crisis

Is your marriage
in crisis?

Do you need help breaking patterns

Do you need help
breaking patterns?

Find healing for your marriage through Christ

Find healing for your
marriage through Christ

Retreat to the Pacific Northwest for a Marriage Intensive

Retreat to the Pacific Northwest

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Experience lasting joy and connection with your spouse.

Welcome to the Marriage Recovery Center

At the Marriage Recovery Center we are passionate about helping couples find hope and healing for their relationships. Whether your marriage is in crisis, or you long for a deeper relationship with your spouse, we will help you gain the tools you both need to experience a healthy and fulfilling marriage. Contact us to begin the healing process for your marriage.

Custom Packages

Whatever your specific comfort level, we want to support you.  Whether you want to visit our Seattle offices or prefer counseling via telephone or Skype, we are here to help!

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Experience You Can Trust

Our experienced staff of Christian Marriage Counselors are here to help you with a variety of marital issues including infidelity, addiction, abuse and more.

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Thank you for sharing your gifts and giving us gifts that we can use to keep our marriage healthy, strong and the way God intended.

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Helpful Advice from Our Counselors

Healing Broken Agreements

Trust is often taken for granted. We rely on trust as foundation for every relationship. Consider with me for a moment the power of trust and the necessity of making, and keeping, agreements. Agreements are sacred oaths and must be kept. What should happen if agreements are broken? How can one restore the relationship and begin the process of rebuilding trust? Consider these action steps—The 3 A’s of healing broken agreements.

Getting to the Core

The armor we put on to shield ourselves actually weighs us down and prevents us from responding to the world in a healthy way. In our attempt to protect our emotions, we view life and relationships through a lens of fear and apprehension. There IS a better way to respond to the challenges you face in life and experience more fulfilling relationships as God intended. We call that process Getting To The Core.

How She is Harmed

Abusive behavior is not always physical. Follow Dr. Hawkins through a case study that examins how husbands can develop patterns of thinking to avoid seeing themselves as they are and owning their hurtful actions towards their wives. We will walk through some of the forms of passive violence that many men use against women.