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Traits of Female Narcissist

5 Traits of Female Narcissist

Narcissism affects both men and women, and while the traits generally apply to both genders (sense of grandiosity, self-centered worldview, lack of empathy and self-awareness, etc) there are some nuances in how the traits and behaviors present themselves in women versus men.

5 Traits of Female Narcissist

In Part One, Sharmen Kimbrough discusses some traits of female narcissist. She emphasizes that these traits can apply to both men and women but may be expressed differently due to gender differences. The goal is to help individuals understand confusing or toxic relationships and learn how to navigate them.


  • Women with narcissistic traits may be emotionally unavailable and unable to connect with others on an emotional level, even their own children and spouses.
  • Narcissistic women often lack empathy and fail to consider others’ feelings, thoughts, and pain as meaningful or worth considering.
  • They can be demanding, jealous, and seek to isolate others, especially in the context of relationships. They want to be the center of attention and consume all the focus.
  • Narcissistic women may try to control relationships and use them for their own benefit, making their partners feel confused and emotionally unstable.
  • The discussion aims to help individuals understand confusing relationships and consider ways to show up differently while establishing boundaries for their own well-being.
  • The goal is to encourage personal growth and help individuals refocus their lives, providing resources and support for taking different steps and moving in a new direction.

Sharmen Kimbrough continues to talk about three more traits of a female narcissistic woman, and more importantly, she talks about what steps you can take if you recognize these traits in your significant other, family member or friend.


  • Women exhibit narcissistic traits differently from men due to inherent differences in wiring and behavior.
  • Narcissistic women are self-absorbed, vindictive, and seek to stir up strife in relationships to position themselves as the knowledgeable and controlling figure.
  • Instead of seeking healing, narcissistic women derive pleasure from retribution and inflict harm through belittling, demanding, and dismissing others.
  • Narcissistic women disregard interpersonal boundaries, refusing to accept “no” or understand the needs and perspectives of others, demanding conformity to their own ideas and expectations.
  • Relationships with narcissistic women can leave one feeling confused, unsettled, and emotionally tossed due to their unpredictable moods and controlling nature.

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