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anger affects the body

How Anger Affects the Body

Lee Kaufman of the Marriage Recovery Centers discusses how anger affects the body and our relationships. He also shines a light on the root causes, and how to move away from patterns of anger.

How Anger Affects the Body

Many of us consider our bodies to be like black boxes, with inputs and outputs, but little understanding of what happens in between. Similarly, we often fail to question the impact of our emotions on our physical well-being. In this article, we will explore the effects of anger on the body and how understanding these impacts can lead to improved health and relationships.

What is Anger?

Anger is a physical response that occurs when our belief systems or core ideals are challenged. It is a stimulus-response reaction where someone or something challenges what we hold dear, leading to an emotional and physiological response. Recognizing it as a response to belief systems being challenged allows us to address the root cause and potentially make positive changes.

The Physical Toll of Anger

When we experience anger, it triggers a range of physiological responses that can be detrimental to our health. Some common physical effects include forgetfulness, headaches, and immediate physiological stress. These responses highlight that anger is not only unhealthy but also has the potential to cause long-term damage to our well-being.

Breaking Relationships

Anger not only takes a toll on our physical health but also damages our relationships. It pushes away our loved ones, disrupts the dynamics within our families, and creates stress and conflict. Recognizing the impact of anger on relationships is crucial for finding peace and healing in our connections.

Addressing Anger

To effectively deal with anger, it is important to address the underlying belief systems and explore ways to change our perspectives. Belief systems are often inherited from previous generations and may not necessarily align with our true values. By questioning and examining these beliefs, we can discover whether they truly reflect our own thoughts and feelings. This process of self-reflection and exploration allows us to challenge our triggers and potentially alter our physical response.

Building a Program for Anger Management

Acknowledging the significant impact of anger on individuals’ lives, a program is being developed to help people manage it more effectively. This program, set to be released in the spring, will be a comprehensive, multi-month endeavor that focuses on understanding the biological variables involved in anger and providing tools to shift perspectives. By addressing the underlying causes of anger and changing our perceptions, we can prevent it from becoming destructive and harmful in our lives.

The Power of Perception

Modern neuroscience reveals that our brains struggle to distinguish between external events and internal thoughts. This suggests that by changing our perspective, we can alter our reality and influence our biological responses. Our own perception becomes the primary driver of change, allowing us to reshape our physiological reactions.


Understanding how anger affects the body is crucial for our overall well-being and relationships. By recognizing it as a response to challenged beliefs and questioning our belief systems, we can shift our perspectives and change our physical and emotional responses. Through programs and personal reflection, we can gain the tools to manage it effectively, leading to improved health, harmony in relationships, and a more fulfilling life.

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About Dr. Hawkins:

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