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Do Narcissists Mean to Hurt Their Partners
Narcissistic Personalities

Do Narcissists Mean to Hurt Their Partners?

There’s a saying that “people don’t do things to hurt us, they just do things.” One of the big debates out there is the question

are narcissists capable of love
Narcissistic Personalities

Are Narcissists Capable of Love?

Dr. David Hawkins tackles the thorny question “are narcissists capable of love?”. They certainly think they are, but what is their idea of love? Like

Narcissists Think They Are Superior
Narcissistic Personalities

Why Do Narcissists Think They Are Superior?

Having a disproportionate amount of self-interest is the trademark of every narcissist. So why do narcissists think they are superior? Their inability to think beyond

Why Narcissists Can't Express Their Needs
Narcissistic Personalities

Why Narcissists Can’t Express Their Needs

Dr. David Hawkins, Director of The Marriage Recovery Center, talks about the emotional immaturity of the Narcissist. He talks about the inability of the Narcissist


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