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The importance of Patience in Marriage

The importance of Patience in Marriage

n this video, Lee Kaufman from the Marriage Recovery Center describes the learning process, the importance of patience in marriage and giving your spouse time

Power of Empathy

The Power of Empathy Explained

You can’t establish or sustain a healthy, genuine marriage without practicing empathy. It is the key to building intimacy, trust, and a deeper connection with

Stop Fighting in Your Marriage
Intensive Marriage Counseling

How to Stop Fighting in Your Marriage

In this video, Dr. David Hawkins, Director of The Marriage Recovery Center, discusses ways to stop fighting in your marriage. He discusses the importance of

How to Save Your Marriage
Intensive Marriage Counseling

How to Save Your Marriage From Divorce

In this video, Dr. David B. Hawkins, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, shares how you can do everything in your power to save your marriage in the

Narcissism Intervention
Emotional Abuse

Intervention for a Narcissist

Q: My husband has narcissistic personality traits and has been told by a pastor that he is actually on the disorder side of the spectrum.

Dealing with Conflict During the Holidays

5 Ways to Navigate Holiday Conflict

Very few of us like to admit it, but the holidays aren’t always the most wonderful time of the year for everyone. Even so, we

Victim of Covert Abuse
Dr. David Hawkins

8 Ways to Spot A Covert Abuser

Many people think of emotional abuse as slamming doors and throwing things, yelling and making threats—anything that is intended to intimidate another person. And certainly,

New Year, New You
Emotional Abuse

A New Year, A New You

For many people, January is a time of renewed hope and a fresh start. Marking a new year often means closing one chapter and viewing

A Fresh Start

Safeguard Your Marriage with a Check Up

Just like an annual physical is a preventative measure for early detection of disease, an annual relationship check-up is a preventative measure that can be


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