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Intimacy in Your Relationship

How to Measure Intimacy in Your Relationship

Dr. David Hawkins, Director of The Marriage Recovery Center, shares the three foundational necessities for intimacy in your relationship: safety, trust and vulnerability. He shares

A real man

What it Means to Be a Real Man

Growing up in the United States, I learned that a “real man” was supposed to be tough, self-sufficient, strong, smart, rich, and desired by women.

thinking errors God wants to transform

14 Common Thinking Errors

Most people assume they have clear thinking. They believe their thoughts are logical. Therefore, when people disagree with them, they think it is everyone else

Men Who Are Abused
Emotional Abuse

5 Myths About Men Who Are Abused

Our culture is a hard place to be a man, and even harder for men who are abused. The models of manhood we hold up


Sex and the Need for Intimacy

One topic that frequently comes up in my sessions with clients is sex. There seem to be some questions I hear more than others, so

Dr. David Hawkins

Seven Things She Wants Him To Know

At this stage of my career I’ve had thousands of cries for help from women who have been narcissistically and emotionally abused. Most feel helpless


Connection is Not Chemistry

You know that adage “You never miss what you never had”? Even within the context of relationships, that’s true. If you’ve never had a good


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