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Save Your Marriage With An Intervention
Intensive Marriage Counseling

How to Save Your Marriage With An Intervention

Have you settled for a relationship that is “less than” what you truly deserve and desire? Have you tried getting some help but have given

How to Confront Narcissism
Narcissistic Personalities

How to Confront Narcissism With Intervention

Dr. Hawkins offers a new perspective that shifts the conversation from bashing narcissists to how to confront narcissism head-on and help them heal. How to


Interventions, Boundaries and Ultimatums

Dr. David Hawkins tackles the challenging question about when it’s time to get professional help AND how to get your mate to participate. He discusses

can intervention change a male narcissist
Dr. David Hawkins

Can intervention Change a Male Narcissist?

Dr. David B Hawkins debunks many myths about men with narcissistic personality traits. He gives examples and shows that the key to men changing is


How Strong is Your Foundation?

One of the primary themes at the Marriage Recovery Center is the concept of “Healing Together”. This philosophy refers to the concept that a marriage

A real man

What it Means to Be a Real Man

Growing up in the United States, I learned that a “real man” was supposed to be tough, self-sufficient, strong, smart, rich, and desired by women.

thinking errors God wants to transform

14 Common Thinking Errors

Most people assume they have clear thinking. They believe their thoughts are logical. Therefore, when people disagree with them, they think it is everyone else


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