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6 Steps to Healthy Conflict
Dr. David Hawkins

Beyond Defensiveness: 6 Steps to Healthy Conflict

Conflict is an inevitable part of any relationship, whether it’s romantic, familial, or professional. Learning to navigate healthy conflict is crucial for fostering strong connections

How to Know If It Is Emotional Abuse
Dr. David Hawkins

How to Know If It Is Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse can be subtle, insidious, and difficult to recognize, especially when it occurs within close relationships. It’s essential to distinguish between a one-off incident

Bid For Connection Turns Into Criticism
Dr. David Hawkins

When A Bid For Connection Turns Into Criticism

In the realm of relationships, communication serves as the cornerstone upon which connections are built and sustained. However, amidst the ebb and flow of everyday

life with a narcissist
Narcissistic Personalities

Life With A Narcissist Is a Maze of Confusion?

Navigating relationships should ideally be like following a clear path from point A to point B, with effective and efficient communication leading the way. However,

Effects of Narcissistic Abuse
Narcissistic Personalities

What are the Effects of Narcissistic Abuse?

Narcissistic abuse is a silent but destructive force that can leave victims questioning their identity and grappling with a sense of loss. Dr. David Hawkins,

Secret to a Lasting Marriage

What is The Secret to a Lasting Marriage

All relationships have their drawbacks and conflicts, no matter if it’s been 3 years or 30. But regardless of how long a couple has been

Intimacy in Your Relationship

How to Measure Intimacy in Your Relationship

Dr. David Hawkins, Director of The Marriage Recovery Center, shares the three foundational necessities for intimacy in your relationship: safety, trust and vulnerability. He shares

How Much Improvement your Marriage Really Needs
Intensive Marriage Counseling

How Much Improvement your Marriage Really Needs?

Are you seeking small improvements in your marriage, or do you need a major overhaul? Or are you perhaps “settling” instead of seeking what you


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