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Do you want to find out if you, or someone you know, has narcissistic traits?


Developed by our own Dr. David Hawkins, Director of the Marriage Recovery Center and the Emotional Abuse Institute, this quiz is designed to give you a good indication of whether the subject of the questionnaire (either yourself, or the person on whose behalf you are answering the questions) has narcissistic traits, and how pervasive those traits are. While this is not a psychometric test, we have found it a very useful tool in our practice to help us understand where a person falls on the narcissism spectrum. It is not used as a diagnostic tool, only to give us insight into a person’s behaviors.
Here at the Marriage Recovery Center, diagnosis is not our focus, our focus is identifying the problematic behaviors and their root causes, and effecting change from the inside out by changing how one thinks, which impacts how they feel, which impacts what they do.
If you would like to follow up with someone regarding the results which you will receive by email, you can contact us at (206) 219-0145 or info@marriagerecoverycenter.com

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