Lee Kaufman

Life Coach

Over the last 20 years, I have worked with people on healing nearly every aspect of their lives, from the physical, to the emotional, to the intellectual. Prior to that, I spent over a decade in traditional finance roles and as an entrepreneur, so I understand first-hand the pressures and rigors of our modern-day life.

Now, after more than 2000 hours with MRC clients, I also know very well the destruction that narcissism and emotionally abusive behavior can cause, as well as the most effective ways to heal and move beyond this limited and reactionary behavior.

I counsel “like a good grandmother”, being tender and loving when the time calls for it and firm and demanding when the time calls for it.

My work is focused on three main principles:

  • Connection: The beginning of our work is to build an open and honest relationship that cultivates the trust necessary to identify the core issues holding you back from being the best version of yourself. This is me learning about you and you learning about me.
  • Intellectual Understanding: I’ll introduce proven ideas and methodologies that will help you see your story differently and empower you to make healthier choices in your thinking, your behavior, and your communication.
  • Emotional Understanding: I’ll help you learn how to understand your emotions (including what creates them in the first place), how to self-regulate when you are overwhelmed, and how to be connected to your most authentic self (beyond knee-jerk reactions, stress, and anxiety).

By creating an honest, human connection, I help you to calm down and see your unhealthy, and sometimes even destructive, patterns for what they are—simply patterns left over from early childhood programming and trauma. Then, through a clear and fresh approach, I lay out a path, one doable and manageable step at a time, so you can bring forward healthy change.

Coaching Rates

Mini Intensive (3 hour session)$350
2-day Personal Intensive$2610
3-day Marriage Intensive$3770
Hourly Sessions$145
Marriage Evaluation Package$350
10 Hour Package$1300
Please note that all discounted packages are non-refundable and will expire after one year of purchase.

Recent Articles by Lee Kaufman

Defining Emotional Abuse: Using Anger as Weaponry

“Emotional abuse” often feels like a heavy and serious accusation, especially when combined with the words “anger” and “weaponry.” Yet living in an emotionally abusive relationship takes a heavy toll on your mental and physical health and your self-esteem, not to mention the relationship itself. Maybe you’ve wondered if your relationship is emotionally abusive. Your partner’s actions are hurtful, but are they bad enough to be considered abuse? One of the most harmful and insidious aspects of emotional abuse is that it can be difficult to recognize. This article will help you better understand what emotional abuse is, and help you recognize if you’re in a toxic and unhealthy relationship with an abuser.

Is It a Mid-Life Crisis?

It was Socrates who famously said that the “unexamined life is not worth living”. Many of us get to a season in life where we begin to struggle and question everything—who we are, why we’re here, and how to create a life worth living. And while some people think that mood and perspective are all a choice, perhaps sometimes we are at the mercy of life’s natural phases and chapters that are, believe it or not, seemingly hard-wired into our biology. During certain times, we are almost forced to go deeper to find our truth in order to move on into the later chapters of life more elegantly. But to those around us who bear witness to this process, it can certainly appear that we’re not ourselves. It may look like we’re acting out in ways that are confusing and sometimes completely opposed to our prior belief systems and expected behavior.

Anger from a Woman’s Perspective

I’ve spoken about anger a lot, but this is the first time that I’m addressing anger from the female perspective. I’m specifically addressing some of the relationship triggers that cause women to become angry and how woman might experience anger differently than men do.

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