Lee Kaufman

Life Coach

By creating an honest, human connection, Lee Kaufman helps people to calm down and see their unhealthy, and sometimes even destructive, patterns for what they are—simply patterns. Then, through a clear and fresh approach, he lays out a path, one doable and manageable step at a time, to bring forward healthy change.

Lee began his work with the Marriage Recovery Center in January, 2018. Alongside Dr. Hawkins, he has developed a popular program, Men on Purpose, devoted to bringing true growth and healing to men who struggle with being emotionally disconnected from the world around them. He also runs a class on Anger Management and is currently developing a 6-week program on the topic as well.

Over the last 15 years, Lee has worked with people on healing nearly every aspect of their lives, from the physical (yoga, meditation, breathe work), to the emotional (self-concept and love), to the intellectual (career and financial pursuits).  He also spent over a decade in traditional finance roles, so he fully understands the pressures and rigors of our modern-day life.

Therapy Rates

Mini Intensive (3 hour session)$350
2-day Personal Intensive$2400
3-day Marriage Intensive$3400
Hourly Sessions$135
Marriage Evaluation Package$350
10 Hour Package$1250
Please note that all discounted packages are non-refundable and will expire after one year of purchase.

Recent Articles by Lee Kaufman

Sex and the Need for Intimacy

One topic that frequently comes up in my sessions with clients is sex. There seem to be some questions I hear more than others, so I wanted to share some frequently asked questions and answers in this article. I hope you find these helpful!

Is Anger Controlling You?

Anger, when it’s out of control, is an insidious beast that wreaks havoc in people’s lives. If rage is something that you struggle with, it’s important to understand the biology of anger, as well as learn techniques that will allow you to better mitigate it.

Letting Your Spouse Have Their Process

Over decades of working with people in many capacities and from all walks of life, I have seen that people need time and space to struggle with and learn from their old habits and patterns and to integrate newer, healthier ideas into their lives. The key words here are space and struggle—concepts that often make a person’s spouse quite uncomfortable. So, why does someone need space from their partner in order to grow?

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