Lee Kaufman

Life Coach

By creating an honest, human connection, Lee helps people to calm down and see their unhealthy, and sometimes even destructive, patterns for what they are—simply patterns. Then, through a clear and fresh approach, he lays out a path, one doable and manageable step at a time, to bring forward healthy change. He spent over a decade in traditional finance roles, so he fully understands the pressures and rigors of our modern-day life.

Over the last 15 years, he has worked with people on healing nearly every aspect of their lives, from the physical (yoga, meditation, breathwork), to the emotional (self-concept and love), to the intellectual (career and financial pursuits).

Therapy Rates

Mini Intensive (3 hour session)$350
2-day Personal Intensive$2400
3-day Marriage Intensive$3400
Hourly Sessions$135
Marriage Evaluation Package$350
10 Hour Package$1250
Please note that all discounted packages are non-refundable and will expire after one year of purchase.

Recent Articles by Lee Kaufman

How Emotional Maturity Affects Your Relationships

Cut a tree open and count the rings—that’ll tell you how old the tree is. Each ring represents the amount of new wood produced during the growing season. Occasionally a tree will go a year without any new growth; sometimes it’ll produce two rings in one year. But, more or less, a ring equals a year. Chronologically, we humans work kind of the same way. Our outside changes—like graying hair or wrinkled and sagging skin—are all common signs of our age. Someone who is 60 years old usually looks around 60 years old.

Communication 101: Part 1

Over the next few months, we’re going to be diving deep into the art of communication, which I see as the single biggest area of personal growth. Communication, when done elegantly and thoughtfully, can make us feel connected to others and help us feel understood. But, when done poorly, communication can contribute to conflict and alienate us from ourselves and our loved ones. Furthermore, among couples, while bad communication might not be the root of all conflicts, it certainly interferes with any attempt at resolution.

Do you have the willpower to change?

Many of us have grown up with Oprah Winfrey, and we’ve seen her evolve from the young actress in The Color Purple to the powerful businesswoman, philanthropist, and activist that she is today. These days, she appears to be capable of doing pretty much anything she sets her mind to. But for a woman who seems to have everything, we have also seen her frequently struggle with her weight. We have watched her go from overweight to healthy to overweight again, time after time. Even with access to so many of the resources, we think necessary to stay fit, trim, and healthy (like a personal trainer and private chef), she has still had difficulty finding a healthy balance weight-wise.

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