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The Core

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Experience real, lasting change from the inside out!

Are you stuck in a pattern of behaviors that are hurting your mate and your relationship? Do you wish you could understand why you do the things you do, and learn how to change them?

The Core is a unique program that helps men identify and take ownership of problematic behaviors that are sabotaging their life and relationships. If things just are not working in your life, help is available!

The Core experience real lasting change
Is narcissism treatable


The Core is one of the best investments you can make into your mental and emotional health. Over the course of 14-weeks, you will receive live teaching and accountability from a skilled and experienced facilitator who will show you exactly what needs to change and how. Using a CBT and DBT based curriculum, The Core teaches you skills to see, think and respond differently to life’s challenges so you can be healthy in every area of your life.

The Only Program of It's Kind!

Phase One

The Core and Dual Core

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$1700 - $2150
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14-week online program
Small group limited to 7 men
2-hour weekly group video call
1-hour Spouses Orientation
1-hour Couples Check-In Session


Meet Your Facilitator Dr. John Hudson

Phase Two

Advanced Core

with Dr. David Hawkins 

An advanced practicum for men who have completed Core or Dual Core

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Phase Three

Core Strength

with Dr. David Hawkins

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I formed a powerful connection to the other men in our group that I can draw strength from and support going forward. I left with an inner peace even though I am still in the storm because I have a process for healing. I have hope in what was once a seemingly a hopeless situation before.


I never knew what narcissism was or how it had truly controlled my life and behavior. The Men’s Core program unpacked some truths that I had been totally blind too. This program has shown me a new way. I’m beyond grateful.


Hearing I had narcissistic tendencies from my wife of 36 years was a hard truth I had to face. Fortunately I was able to work with the Marriage Recovery Center to overcome these tendencies. They were open and truthful about the disorder about what I was doing to my wife with my actions. They provided me a safe, non judgmental place to get help and give me tools to use to help heal my marriage.


Do you need hope and healing for your marriage?

At the Marriage Recovery Center, we are passionate about helping couples discover hope and healing for their relationships. Whether you are in a toxic, destructive marriage or simply longing for deeper connection with your spouse, our counselors will help you gain the tools you need to experience a healthy and fulfilling marriage.

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