Do you lose your temper and say hurtful things when you’re frustrated? 

Do you refuse to hear critical feedback and instead shift the blame to others?

This program offers a unique opportunity for men who struggle with these emotionally abusive behaviors to grow as men and begin to heal their marriages.  You will meet in a video conference call at the same time and each week for 2 hours in a small group of only 5 men.  The program will last a total of 14 weeks.

The only program of it’s kind!

  • Cultivate empathy, vulnerability and intimacy with your spouse
  • Listen to your spouse and defuse aggression within yourself
  • Gain an understanding of the dynamics of narcissistic tendencies and other emotionally abusive behaviors
  • Explore your own history with destructive behaviors realize the impact they have on you and your marriage.
  • Learn to catch emotionally abusive behaviors and replace them with healthy, assertive self-care and care for others
  • Meet the emotional needs within your relationship

New group starts May 19, 2018

Groups gather 2 hours each week on Saturdays from 10:00am – 12:00pm PST, for a total of 14 weeks.  The cost for the program is $1500 – split into 3 monthly payments of $500.

* In order to make sure you are a good fit for this group, you must be evaluated by a therapist in order to join. The evaluation session is included in the cost of the program. 


As part of the group, we will invite your mate to speak into the healing process, and to ensure that her voice is heard.  Prior to beginning in sessions with the group, she will have the opportunity to share her experiences with both you and your therapist by writing “What It’s Like to Live with Him – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.”  You will also write out your own Personal Relationship Inventory and, during our sessions, you will be working on a Comprehensive Apology, where you take full responsibility for abusive behaviors and create a detailed plan for remedying these issues.


We are living in a time where the stigmas of counseling and intensive therapy are being knocked down more each day. Narcissism and emotional abuse are issues for which you can boldly seek help. You’re not alone – there is an immense body of information that we have to help those who feel stuck in these patterns of behavior.

Need more information?

We’d love to help you get on the path to becoming a healthier man!  Please contact us and one of our client care associates would be happy to answer your questions!