Marriage Evaluation Packages

Here at the Marriage Recovery Center, we use a solution-focused approach that is designed to get you real results!

What makes us different?

Our Marriage Evaluations begin with a thorough analysis of the challenges you’re facing in your marriage. We look beyond the surface problems to determine the underlying issues, then offer a clear, straight-forward plan for what it will take to heal your relationship.

  • We specialize in marriage counseling for high-conflict couples.
  • We specialize in intensive counseling, often involving two-hour blocks of time to offer in-depth intervention.
  • We are experienced in recognizing and treating complex dynamics, such as narcissistic and emotional abuse.
  • We take a genuine interest in you and are committed to helping your marriage become all that it can be.
  • We believe that, with the right intervention and tools, change is possible.
5 Hours Starting at $700

Marriage Evaluation Plus Package

In-depth marriage questionnaire and assessments;
A 90-minute individual session for you;
A 90-minute individual session for your spouse;
A 60-minute joint session;
PLUS a 1-hour joint session in which you will be given very clear direction on issues that need to be faced, and practical steps on cultivating a healthy and loving relationship.

3 Hours Starting at $350

Marriage Evaluation
Standard Package

A 1-hour individual session for you;
A 1-hour individual session for your spouse;
A 1-hour joint session

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"Your therapy was life changing."
Patty & Steve

Your therapy was life changing. We are actually living a married life that we have never experienced before. It is better than it has ever been. I think the biggest life changers were working to help each other be safe, and to nurture each other instead of hurting each other. I really have so much gratitude for your help. I was at the end of my rope, and you really helped me.

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"I think of her as The Relationship Whisperer."

My wife and I have been married for 44 years and have counseled with many therapists over much of that time. None of them devoted the compassion and skillset that we experienced with Jill. It is undeniable that Jill truly cares about me, my needs, and my marriage. I think of her as The Relationship Whisperer. She knows not only what to say, but how and when to say it. Her guidance is delivered in such a way that it hits to the core of damaging thoughts and behaviors while avoiding negative reaction from the hearer. Jill directs a person to discern, reveal and correct false thinking.

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"My wife and I are experiencing a transformative shift..."

My wife and I are experiencing a rewardingly transformative shift in our communication, relationship, and mutual love and respect. We have developed awareness of each other that has been lacking all of these years. We are now able to recognize and correct the destructive patterns that we have unwittingly allowed to impede our marriage. Thanks to the Marriage Recovery Center we are thriving!

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"It has always been difficult to get my husband to see a counselor."

It has always been difficult to get my husband to see a counselor. Jill at the Marriage Recovery Center is the first one he has connected with. He actually listens to her and tries to put her advice into practice. Her wisdom, knowledge and delivery demands respect. I am confident God has placed her in our lives for this time.

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"Path of Renewal saved our marriage."

The Path of Renewal Marriage Intensive saved our marriage. And while my husband and I still have far to go in our healing journey, the communication tools we learned have served us greatly as we work together to heal from layers and years of hurt and trauma. So grateful for the wisdom, insight and help we’ve received from the Marriage Recovery Center.

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"I showed up to counseling very angry"

I showed up to counseling very angry as might be expected. I showed up thinking I was right, and wanting my wife to stop what she was doing. I left broken for how I have treated my wife once the reality of what I have been doing to her became real to me. I left with a desire to heal my marriage and a commitment to rebuild what I destroyed.

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"Dr Hawkins is the wizard of relationships!"
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" The Marriage Recovery Center gave me the clarity I was looking for."

God does not always answer prayers in the way we hope, but He uses people to bring clarity in the places we need. The Marriage Recovery Center gave me the clarity I was looking for. I am thankful for Sharmen and the Marriage Recovery Center for providing a safe space to hear God's voice.

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"I'm learning to love myself like I never knew how."
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" I went into counseling with much uncertainty..."

I went into the marriage counseling with much uncertainty since we previously hadn't been able to dig deep into issues without running into road blocks or stumbling. The V communication tool really helped us to break down unhealthy elements of our history together in a way that has allowed healing.

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" I did not feel safe communicating with my spouse."

After 15 months of separation, I did not feel safe communicating with my spouse. The Marriage Recovery gave us the tools we have prayed for to heal wounds and lift darkness. We are thankful for their experience and wisdom!

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"Dr. Hawkins showed great care and concern for my well-being"

Dr. Hawkins showed great care and concern for my well-being, and at the same time 'tells it like it is,' which isn't always comfortable, but was done in my best interest in moving forward, toward me living with integrity and authenticity. He has the heart necessary for seeing marriages survive and thrive.

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"I am so glad I found the Marriage Recovery Center"

I am so glad I found the Marriage Recovery Center since I really do believe our marriage has a chance thanks to your counseling. My only regret is that I hadn’t found you sooner, but God has his ways and I suppose we were not ready up until now.

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"I highly recommend the Marriage Recovery Center."

I previously suffered with anxiety, fear of disapproval and an inability to set personal boundaries. My fear was internal and no one knew I suffered with it. By the end of the therapy, I instinctively and decisively knew what my boundaries and convictions were. I no longer live with fear and anxiety. I become more and more empowered every day. I am still a "nice" person, but I am strong, firm, assertive, confident and guilt-free. I highly recommend the Marriage Recovery Center. It is the best thing I've ever done for myself. It impacts every personal interaction and continues to enhance my life every day.

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"Thank you for being our miracle.”
Deanne and Gene

Thank you for being "our miracle.” One of the reasons we selected you to help us heal our relationship is that you offered and believed in hope. We left our Marriage Intensive feeling more connected, prepared and hopeful as we have ever been. We see the road ahead and truly want to travel it together. There was no road without your help. We are forever grateful.

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"My husband's heart changed through this intervention"

I am so very grateful for your care and expertise in the intervention you guided. It was completely life-transforming! My husband’s heart changed through this intervention and with that his behavior changed - real change, not fake, not forced. He has stayed connected, truly connected. This is priceless - our marriage, our partnership, our life ——and we have you to thank for it!

Do you need hope and healing for your marriage?

At the Marriage Recovery Center, we are passionate about helping couples discover hope and healing for their relationships. Whether you are in a toxic, destructive marriage or simply longing for deeper connection with your spouse, our counselors will help you gain the tools you need to experience a healthy and fulfilling marriage.