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Category: Healing and Recovery

Emotional Safety
Healing and Recovery

How to Create your Own Emotional Safety

Do you think it’s your partner’s responsibility to make you feel safe, to allow you to be vulnerable in your relationship? Or is it your

Forgive Yourself
Healing and Recovery

Learn How to Forgive Yourself

When people find themselves in a bad situation, for example, a bad relationship, people either blame the other person, or they blame themselves. In this

Joy in Difficult Circumstances
Healing and Recovery

How to Find Joy in Difficult Circumstances

There’s an expectation around the holidays that all is merry and bright. But the reality is, for people experiencing emotional abuse it’s anything but. In

Accountability Partner Can Help You
Healing and Recovery

How an Accountability Partner Can Help You Transform!

Accountability is one of the most important requirements to any kind of sustained, long-term change and growth. But many people don’t really understand what accountability

Safe Place in EMDR
Healing and Recovery

How to Use Safe Place in EMDR

We’ve been talking about the power of EMDR to help clients overcome trauma and experience freedom from a past or ongoing event that they just

The Path to Emotional Maturity
Healing and Recovery

The Path to Emotional Maturity

The Path to Emotional Maturity Emotional maturity is a journey that many individuals embark upon to find healing and hope in their relationships. Dr. David

Can EMDR Heal Narcissists
Narcissistic Personalities

Can EMDR Heal Narcissists?

Can EMDR heal narcissists? Our clinical team discusses how EMDR might be used as a tool in the treatment of perpetrators of narcissistic and emotional

Healing and Recovery

How EMDR Can Help in Emotional Abuse Recovery

Our panel of Marriage Recovery Center clinicians discuss the role that EMDR can play in the healing process for victims of emotional abuse. Many of

Stages of Trauma Recovery
Jonathan Glover

The 5 Stages of Trauma Recovery Explained

If you are experiencing brain fog, racing thoughts, feeling easily overwhelmed or emotionally shut down on a regular basis, you may be experiencing symptoms of


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