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Set Boundaries with Toxic People

How to Set Boundaries with Toxic People

In this video Dr. David Hawkins, Director of The Marriage Recovery Center shares how to ensure that your complaints and concerns don’t actually end up


Interventions, Boundaries and Ultimatums

In this video Dr. David Hawkins tackles the challenging question about when it’s time to get professional help AND how to get your mate to

setting boundaries

Why Setting Boundaries Can Transform Your Relationship

Sharmen Kimbrough MA, relationship coach at the Marriage Recovery Center, discusses why setting boundaries can transform your relationship. Why Setting Boundaries Can Transform Your Relationship

Dealing with Conflict During the Holidays

5 Ways to Navigate Holiday Conflict

Very few of us like to admit it, but the holidays aren’t always the most wonderful time of the year for everyone. Even so, we

Anger as Weaponry

Emotional Abuse, Part 3: Anger as Weaponry

“Emotional abuse” often feels like a heavy and serious accusation, especially when combined with the words “anger” and “weaponry.” Yet living in an emotionally abusive


When Coping is Killing You

Coping is always a good thing, right? No, not necessarily. We’ve always been taught that coping with difficulty is a sign of strength. But what


Another Fortunate Growth Opportunity

“I blew it again this week,” a man said to me recently. “What happened?” I asked. “I don’t know what I was thinking,” he continued.


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