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Sharmen Kimbrough, MA

Relationship Coach

Sharmen has a passion for diving into the deep work of healing, finding personal footing, and discovering truth, freedom and healthy relationships.   She is particularly adept at helping clients navigate the trenches of narcissism and emotional abuse. Sharmen uses her personal life experience and years of training to speak hope and life into the hearts of those crippled by the pain and trauma of betrayal, divorce, infidelity, and emotional and spiritual abuse. 

  • Trauma Informed Coaching
  • Christ-Centered Coaching
  • Emotional, Spiritual, and Verbal Abuse
  • Narcissistic Victim Syndrome
  • Divorce & Infidelity
  • Couples Crisis 
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution


Masters in Professional Counseling, Liberty University | Bachelors in Psychology, LeTourneau University

Sharmen has been part of the MRC team since 2015 and is adept at navigating the trenches of narcissism and emotional abuse. Her mission is to speak practical truth into dark places so people can apply it to their own hearts, story, and relationships. She is not afraid to challenge faulty, destructive thinking and find solutions to collaborate in building relationships that people love being a part of. She specializes in helping people create resilience and navigate relationships from a Christ-centered perspective in which God is the focus of the journey, and His transformative work is vital to bind the broken hearts, set the captives free, and bring redemption to the story. Sharmen currently works primarily with adults who are struggling to come out of hiding, isolation, and self-protection, and helps them create a path toward authentic living, which translates to authentic relationships and deeper connections. Whether the “hiding” looks like narcissism or codependency, she helps untangle the lies and nonsense, and what trauma has done to your soul and ability to attach within relationships. She is gifted at working with men and women individually, as couples, and within group settings. Whether you are trying to stay well or leave well, she can help you clarify what is going on and find a way to be well either way.

Therapy Rates

Individual Assessmen (3 hours)$495
Couples Assessment$495
Intervention Planning$660
2-day Couples Intensive$3,240
3-day Couples Intensive$4,680
Custom IntensivesPlease call for a quote*
Hourly SessionsRates
Hourly Sessions$175
5 Hours Package$850
10 Hours Package$1,700

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