Take back your life.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the wounds you’ve experienced from emotional abuse, we want you to know that there IS hope. In Redeemed, you will learn how to reclaim your identity and regain a sense of hope for your future.

In-depth healing from emotional abuse

Over 14 weeks, you will determine how to take practical steps to move away from your mate’s unhealthy behaviors and move toward your own healing. Weekly sessions are conveniently joined via secure video chat, and payments plans are available to help you budget effectively.

Proven methods to help you reclaim your identity

Weekly Group Sessions

Meet for 2 hours with an expert in emotional abuse recovery, to receive the intensive counseling and support you need.

Personalized Resources

Receive a personal workbook complete with all program-related handouts, articles, homework assignments, and more!

Continuous Support

Get access to daily motivational messages, resources, and support from women all over the world in our SECRET Facebook Group.

Expert guidance to help you:

  • Move away from cycles of crazy-making and reacting
  • Care for yourself by setting healthy boundaries
  • Work through fears about your spouse‚Äôs recovery process
  • Navigate through the decision of whether to separate or divorce
  • Co-parent with an unhealthy spouse
  • Find joy in the midst of difficult circumstances

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