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EPISODE 10: How Childhood Trauma Affects Marriage


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In this episode of the Mad.In.Love podcast, Dr. Hawkins is joined by his colleague Jonathan Glover in another segment of Dr. Hawkins Reacts! where they read and react to posts about toxic and dysfunctional relationships on public forums like Reddit and Quora. In this segment, Dr. Hawkins and Jonathan reacts to a woman’s post about her husband who frequently over-reacts to minor incidents. According to her, he perceives every situation as either a personal attack or a sign that she does not love him. While she is trying to be understanding of the fact that his reactivity is the result of his childhood trauma, it is starting to take a toll on their relationship. Tune in to find out what two therapists have to say about how childhood trauma affects marriage, and the healthy way to deal with this kind of situation.

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