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EPISODE 12: Do People Raised by Narcissists Marry a Narcissist?


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Join us for another segment of Dr. Hawkins Reacts! where Dr. Hawkins and Jonathan share their candid thoughts on questions posed on forums like Quora and Reddit. In this episode, Dr. Hawkins answers the question “do daughters of narcissistic mothers typically end up marrying narcissistic men?” They discuss how people raised in unhealthy environments normalize the unhealthy behaviors that they grew up around and don’t develop the healthy emotional and social skills needed to have healthy relationships later on in life.  That’s not to say anyone who grew up in an unhealthy environment is not capable of healthy adult relationships, but they tend to carry those unhealthy behaviors into adulthood, so they need to be willing to step back and really examine the assumptions, beliefs and values that they are carrying into their future relationships.

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