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Category: Narcissistic Personalities

Are Narcissists Codependent
Narcissistic Personalities

Are Narcissists Codependent?

This is the second of a two-part video in which Dr. Hawkins answers the question “Are narcissists codependent?” While some people think narcissists and codependents

Why Narcissism Is So Widely Misunderstood
Narcissistic Personalities

Why Narcissism Is So Widely Misunderstood

There is so much misinformation online when it comes to narcissism and emotional abuse. Whenever the topic comes up, it seems all of a sudden

Things Not to Do With Narcissists
Narcissistic Personalities

3 Things Not to Do With Narcissists

In a previous video, Dr. Hawkins talked about why narcissists are so easily offended when you come to them with a concern about your relationship.

Can a Narcissist Be Codependent
Narcissistic Personalities

Can a Narcissist Be Codependent?

A narcissist and someone who is co-dependent are often thought to be opposites. But have you ever wondered “can a narcissist be codependent”, or whether

can a narcissist care about you
Narcissistic Personalities

Can a Narcissist Care About You?

One of the hallmarks of a narcissist is a lack of empathy. Narcissists are so self-absorbed that they find it incredibly difficult—almost impossible—to care about

Can EMDR Heal Narcissists
Narcissistic Personalities

Can EMDR Heal Narcissists?

Can EMDR heal narcissists? Our clinical team discusses how EMDR might be used as a tool in the treatment of perpetrators of narcissistic and emotional


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