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Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse

Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse: What She Wants Him to Know

Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse: What She Wants Him to Know

Dr. David Hawkins, Director of The Marriage Recovery Center, offers valuable insights and guidance for individuals trapped in narcissistic and emotionally abusive relationships. These videos address both the victims and the abusers, aiming to promote understanding, personal growth, and healthier relationship dynamics.

The series begins with Dr. Hawkins addressing emotionally abused individuals, encouraging them to seek personal growth and providing support for those who want their partners to change. He emphasizes the need to recognize and address emotional abuse within the relationship:

Dr. Hawkins then delves into the topic of healthy shame, offering a powerful insight for narcissists. He highlights the importance of self-reflection and personal growth to overcome destructive behaviors:

The third video reminds narcissists not to take everything personally, urging them to consider the impact of their actions on their partners. Dr. Hawkins emphasizes the need for a broader perspective beyond self-centeredness:

Taking responsibility for creating the situation is the focus of the fourth video. Dr. Hawkins challenges narcissists and emotionally abusive individuals to confront their own behaviors and acknowledge their contribution to the problematic dynamic:

In the fifth video, Dr. Hawkins provides caution and guidance for individuals who genuinely seek personal growth, urging them to utilize the information in a healthy and constructive manner:

The sixth video explores the worst possible outcome of not changing—the loss of the relationship. Dr. Hawkins highlights the devastation experienced by many narcissists when they lose their partner, underscoring the importance of taking action before it’s too late:

The seventh video emphasizes the importance of trusting and seriously considering the victim’s perspective. Dr. Hawkins encourages emotional abusers to doubt themselves in a healthy way, actively listen to their partner, and apply truths to their own lives:

In the eighth video, Dr. Hawkins stresses the significance of truly listening to victims of narcissistic and emotional abuse. He introduces his tool, ATTUNE, which facilitates effective communication and understanding:

The ninth video focuses on the concept of prioritizing the needs of the partner over self-centeredness. Dr. Hawkins underscores the necessity for narcissists to reorient their worldview and give up power and control to allow for their partner’s growth:

Finally, in the tenth and final video, Dr. Hawkins emphasizes the importance of vulnerability and healing for victims of emotional abuse. He encourages emotional abusers to replace guardedness with love, offering a thousand tears and embraces instead of inflicting a “death by a thousand cuts.”

Through this series, Dr. David Hawkins provides valuable guidance and insights, aiming to transform narcissistic tendencies and foster healthier relationships. The videos offer hope, encouragement, and practical advice for individuals seeking personal growth and emotional healing.

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About Dr. Hawkins:

The internet is inundated with hyperbole and misinformation about narcissism, leaving many people confused and hopeless. Get the facts on narcissism and emotional abuse from someone who has been researching, writing about and treating narcissism and emotional abuse for over a decade.

Dr. Hawkins is a best-selling author and clinical psychologist with over three decades of experience helping people break unhealthy patterns and build healthier relationships.

He is the founder and director of the Marriage Recovery Center and the Emotional Abuse Institute which offers education, training and counseling for people who want to break free of, and heal from, emotional abuse. Whether the perpetrator of the abuse is your spouse, partner, parent, boss, friend or family member, we offer practical advice for anyone trapped in a toxic, destructive relationship.

In addition to narcissism & emotional abuse, you’ll learn about the lesser known forms of abuse, including covert abuse, reactive abuse, spiritual abuse, secondary abuse, relationship trauma and much more.


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