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Emotional Abuse Out of the Shadows
Dr. David Hawkins

Bringing Emotional Abuse Out of the Shadows

Emotional abuse in marriage is affecting a staggering number of couples and it’s time to bring this issue into the light. In this video, Dr.

Secondary Abuse and The Church
Emotional Abuse

Secondary Abuse and The Church

Sharmen speaks out about secondary abuse and the church, how to recognize it and what to do if you are a victim of secondary abuse.

what not to say to a victim of emotional abuse
Emotional Abuse

What Not To Say to a Victim of Emotional Abuse

Most people have an inadequate understanding of narcissistic and emotional abuse. Often, this leads to giving well-intentioned but bad advice to victims. The two things

Healing and Recovery

How EMDR Can Help in Emotional Abuse Recovery

Our panel of Marriage Recovery Center clinicians discuss the role that EMDR can play in the healing process for victims of emotional abuse. Many of


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