Move Beyond The Trauma

Do you become easily overwhelmed or shut down emotionally?
Do you constantly question your own thoughts and feelings?
Do you struggle with brain fog, mood swings and anxiety?

Let us help you overcome your trauma and feel like yourself again!

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Whether you experienced a traumatic event in your past, or are currently experiencing ongoing trauma such as emotional abuse, it can become a huge roadblock to experiencing fulfillment and healthy relationships.

If you are experiencing symptoms of trauma and would like to explore trauma work, it is important that you consult a trauma specialist to determine the best treatment path.  We will conduct a thorough assessment and develop a customized treatment plan based on your individual needs.

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Trauma Recovery Package

 Four 2-hour sessions  (8 therapy hours)



  • Work with a Trauma Specialist trained in treating PTSD and CPTSD.
  •  Treatment is customized for every individual, and will cover identifying and working through the events that caused the trauma, memory work, and building emotional regulation skills.

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