An Online Program with a Purpose

Thrive is a place where woman seeking to heal from narcissistic, verbal, and emotional abuse can come together to find hope and restoration.

Heal from Emotional Abuse

In this online support group, we answer common questions and wrestle with issues that we see every day in our office, and help women move out of the crazy-making cycles and into a sense of hope for the future. The in-depth content you’ll receive as part of Thrive will help you determine how to take practical steps to move away from focusing on your mate’s unhealthy behaviors and toward your own healing.

What’s Included for the $25/mo?

Weekly Teaching in your Inbox

Includes teaching designed to help you heal, journaling assignments to help you focus your thoughts, and Q&A articles with questions from our members!

Bi-weekly Video Chats

Twice a month, share your story and get personalized help during our group therapy video calls led by Sharmen Kimbrough, MA & Dr. David Hawkins.

Secret Facebook Group

Receive daily motivational posts, continuous support, and resources from women all over the world in our SECRET Facebook Group

6-month program for only $25/mo. Cancel anytime!

What emotional abuse-related topics will be covered?

  • Navigating through the decision of whether to separate or divorce
  • Moving away from cycles of crazy-making and reacting
  • Caring for yourself by setting healthy boundaries
  • Co-parenting with an unhealthy spouse
  • Working through fears and feelings about his recovery process
  • Finding joy in the midst of difficult circumstances
  • Gaining a sense of hope for your future
  • Healing from emotional pain and loss

Who leads the group?

Sharmen Kimbrough, MA has a passion for helping untangle the chaos of relationships and has expertise in healing from verbal/emotional abuse, narcissistic victim syndrome, and issues surrounding separation and divorce.  She has more than 10 years of experience in non-profit and clinical settings and has a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. Her work with the Marriage Recovery Center has brought healing to hundreds of women and couples who are dealing with abusive behaviors in their relationships.