At the Marriage Recovery Center, we help couples overcome the breaking point in marriage so they can experience a breakthrough point in their relationship. We invite you to read the marriage counseling reviews from couples who have worked with Marriage Recovery Center. Contact us today with any questions!

Deanne and I wanted to and just had to thank you for being our miracle.” One of the reasons we selected you to be the person to try and help us heal our relationship is that you offered and believed in hope.   We left our 3 Day Intensive feeling more connected, prepared and hopeful as we have ever been.  We see the road ahead and truly want to travel it together.  There was no road without your help.  We are forever grateful.

Gene and Deanne

I am so grateful for the counseling I received while going through my divorce. I remarried an awesome godly wife in 2014 and we are expecting our first born this November . Just wanted to say a special thanks to you! I brag about you often and recommend you and the work I went through in my first marriage.


Love this man and his ministry. Because of what he does, I still have a family. Thank you God for people who are a very present help in time of need.” I highly recommend the Marriage Recovery Center.


After years of being controlled by my spouse and feeling alone and helpless, I found a truly understanding friend in Dr. Hawkins.  He was patient and peaceful and yet able to say the hard things we needed to hear.  I feel personally stronger and in better control after our intensive.


I am very thankful for your help and the way that you immediately cut to the chase on the issues, the biggest being my part in all of it. You gave me the courage to make a hard decision without which I don’t think my husband  would have ever come to the point where he needed to make a change.  Our marriage is healthier and happier than it’s ever been, we enjoy each other and have really bonded as husband and wife.   God Bless you and your work.


I previously suffered with anxiety, fear of disapproval, an inability to set personal boundaries and difficulty identifying general convictions. This fear was internal and no one knew I suffered with it. So  I decided to try a Lifespan Integration at the Marriage Recovery Center with Teri Johnson. Each day we achieved so much healing. It was gentle, not traumatic, scary or complicated. By the end of the therapy, I instinctively and decisively knew what my boundaries and convictions are. Setting, stating, and maintaining boundaries has become automatic in every personal interaction. I am not living with fear and anxiety. I become more and more empowered every day. I am still a nice person, but I am strong, firm, assertive, confident and guilt-free. I highly recommend Lifespan Integration Therapy. It is the best thing Ive ever done for myself and it continues to enhance my life every day.


I just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you that I am just so very grateful for your care and expertise in the intervention you guided ——which was completely life-transforming here!  Truly – everything changed, real change, not fake, not forced, true change —its possible with intervention led by the right person and with willing open hearts.

We have not had one issue – not one – this is incredible.  And if we do – because life has a way of challenging humans, I believe we are committed and equipped to deal with it.