Be a Safe Harbor

Are you a pastor, ministry leader or counselor faced with the challenge of trying to help people who are experiencing narcissistic and emotional abuse in their marriage? By not recognizing or appropriately treating narcissistic and emotional abuse, you may be unknowingly causing further harm. Find out how you can get specialized training to better equip you to help those who are looking to you for guidance.

End secondary abuse

Traditional counseling and marriage programs are simply not effective for marriages that are marked by the complex power dynamics of narcissistic and emotional abuse. These couples require specialized help from someone who understands and can spot things like covert abuse, narcissistic victim syndrome, codependency, and more.

We want to equip you to identify and navigate the nuances of emotional abuse so that you can bring hope, truth and healing to couples that are not able to be helped by the existing resources in your church.

Learn to navigate stormy relationships

Coaching From Experience

Learn from a relationship coach with years of experience.

Expand Your Toolbox

Learn new ways of listening and how to identify narcissism and emotional abuse.

Provide Safety

Guard against secondary and spiritual abuse, allowing victims to speak freely.

Expert guidance to help you:

  • Understand narcissistic personality disorder and its spectrum of behaviors.
  • Identify signs of emotional abuse and covert abuse.
  • Learn effective approaches to helping couples affected by emotional abuse.
  • Guide the intervention process within the relationship.
  • Guard against secondary harm and spiritual abuse.
  • Counsel on this topic while keeping with biblical truth.

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(Space is limited to just 8 people per group.)

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Want to learn more about secondary abuse and identifying narcissistic and emotional abuse?