5-Hour Marriage Evaluation


The 5-hour package includes:

  • A 90-minute individual session for you;
  • A 90-minute individual session for your spouse;
  • A  1-hour joint session;
  • PLUS a 1-hour joint session devoted to learning “The V”, an indispensable tool for effective communication

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Our Marriage Evaluation is designed to identify the root issues that are causing disconnection in your marriage, and get you on a path to healing.

The 5-hour package allows for a more in-depth, comprehensive assessment of the issues you’re facing in your marriage.  In addition, the added session for learning how to communicate effectively with your spouse will lay a solid foundation for your healing journey and better prepare you and your spouse to get the most out of your sessions.

PLEASE NOTE:  No refunds will be given for this product, as it is offered at a significantly discounted rate for new clients.

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Dr. David Hawkins, Sharmen Kimbrough, Jill Stenerson, Jonathan Glover