5-Hour Marriage Evaluation


The 5-hour package includes:

  • A 90-minute individual session for you;
  • A 90-minute individual session for your spouse;
  • A  1-hour joint session;
  • PLUS a 1-hour joint session devoted to learning “The V”, an indispensable tool for effective communication


Our Marriage Evaluation is designed to identify the root issues that are causing disconnection in your marriage, and get you on a path to healing.

The 5-hour package allows for a more in-depth, comprehensive assessment of the issues you’re facing in your marriage.  In addition, the added session for learning how to communicate effectively with your spouse will lay a solid foundation for your healing journey and better prepare you and your spouse to get the most out of your sessions.

PLEASE NOTE:  No refunds will be given for this product, as it is offered at a significantly discounted rate for new clients.

Need More Info?

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