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Are you in crisis, or need help sorting through the chaos in your life?
Explore the issues you're facing, identify the obstacles that are keeping you stuck and
experience a breakthrough in your healing.

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 Our personal intensives provide a safe environment for you to share openly, and at the same time will challenge you to evaluate the behaviors and thought patterns that got you here. We will help you work through past wounds, recognize and correct self-sabotaging habits and behaviors, and experience profound freedom and healing.

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2-Day Package

$2,610 – $3,330


  • 2 days (16 therapy hours) of individual counseling
  • One pre-intensive phone or video session
  • One post-intensive phone or video session
  • Crisis email counseling
  • Price varies based on the therapist you choose to work with

Dr. Hawkins and the Marriage Recovery Center have been proudly featured on:

American Association of Christian Counselors
Christian Broadcasting Network
Moody Bible Institute
Proverbs Ministries
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