Heal your marriage.

Are you facing a crisis in your marriage? Have you tried marriage counseling multiple times and found it to be ineffective?  Path of Renewal Online is a convenient and affordable intensive marriage counseling program that focuses on healing the wounds and unhealthy behaviors that got you to where you’re at today.

Address the crisis.

Couples who participate in Path of Renewal want deep, lasting change. Whether you are facing divorce, trying to recover from an affair, or seeking healing from abuse, this experience will give you an opportunity to address this crisis head on  and commit to making lasting change in your marriage.

Transform your marriage in 6 weeks

Solution-Focused Teaching

The program content focuses on both the individual and the couple, helping you both to address the unhealthy habits and behaviors that may contribute to the breakdown of your relationship.

Small Group Sessions

Meet for 4 hours weekly with a small group of up to 5 couples to receive the intensive counseling and support you need.  Breakout sessions to address the individual needs of the wives and husbands are also included.

Personalized Resources

You and your spouse will both receive an in-depth, Path of Renewal program workbook, complete with all program-related handouts, helpful articles, homework assignments, and more!

Success Stories

Expert guidance to help you:

  • Evaluate yourself and your marriage, and determine how to forge a new path.
  • Discover and heal past wounds that prohibit healthy relating.
  • Identify and eliminate barriers to intimate connection.
  • Move from fighting, freezing, and fleeing to healthy communication.
  • Learn from other couples who are struggling with the same issues as you and your mate.
  • Develop an accountability plan to ensure lasting change.

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(Space is limited to just 5 couples per group.)

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