Path of Renewal

Are you facing a crisis in your marriage? Are you feeling like your situation is beyond repair? It’s time for a Marriage Intensive.

An Intensive Approach to Marriage Counseling

Path of Renewal is designed for couples in crisis or in need of immediate change. Tired of short-term solutions, couples coming to this group Marriage Intensive want lasting, depth change. Whether you are facing divorce, trying to recover from an affair, or seeking transformation from abuse, this experience will give you an opportunity to place a stake in the ground and commit to making lasting change in your marriage and learning to do life very differently than you have previously. The program content focuses on both the individual and the couple, helping you both work toward becoming the man, woman, and happy couple you once were! You may participate online or choose a 4-day, in-person event in locations across the U.S.

Online Program

New Dates Coming in 2021
$1300 per couple
  • 6 weeks of online group therapy (24 hours)
  • Private, 1-hour pre-intensive session
  • Private, 1-hour post-intensive session
  • Led by Sharmen Kimbrough
  • $500 deposit due upon registration

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Transform Your Marriage!

  • Share your story and hear from others with a similar story
  • Make critical decisions that will impact you, your marriage and your family
  • Evaluate yourself, your marriage, and determine how to forge a new path
  • Move from fighting, freezing and fleeing to healthy communicating
  • Gain insights on how to respond instead of react
  • Identify and eliminate our barriers to intimate connection
  • Heal the broken places that both you and your spouse identify
  • Learn how to relate authentically with transparency
  • Develop a follow up plan to ensure lasting change

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