Moving Beyond Anger

Overcoming your desire to lash out in anger is a slow process, but we at Marriage Recovery Center are here to help. We teach you how to identify where your anger comes from, what unhealthy vs healthy anger looks like, and ways to change your thinking to help you mitigate emotional eruptions.

Inner Reflection

Anger is a normal biological response to a threat. But chronic, uncontrolled anger can cause this mechanism to go awry, causing problems in your relationships at work, at home, and in the overall quality of your life.

In our work with thousands of clients, we’ve found that anger often stands in the way of true healing and healthy relationships. We offer one-on-one sessions to address this issue and achieve health and wholeness, both within themselves and in their relationships — Moving Beyond Anger.

Where Does Anger Come From?

In this video, Dr. David Hawkins explores the roots of anger. Understanding the cause behind your emotions is a key part of the growth and healing process.

Listening to Your Anger

Anger is often viewed as an emotion that will get us into big trouble if we’re not careful. Most of us have learned that we must “manage our anger.” But what if our concepts about anger management are a bit misguided? What if, instead of managing and suppressing our anger, we explored anger and the feelings lurking below the surface? What if, instead of corralling and suppressing our anger, we learned about the emotions that anger is covering up and how to talk about them?


What Do I Do?

This is a question you may be asking yourself when it comes to your anger and how to manage it. Lee Kaufman shares his thoughts and advice on tackling this emotion.

Success Stories