Sharmen Kimbrough

Relationship Coach

Sharmen Kimbrough, MA has worked as a counselor (or lay counselor) since 1995, but took a few years off to stay at home with her kids. She completed a year-long internship at an inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment center and has done extensive volunteering with teens and young moms through her church and the local pregnancy care center. Currently, she works primarily with women and couples who are trying to untangle the mess of emotional and spiritual abuse and find a way to heal and begin to build healthier relationships. The backbone of her work is built much more upon experience than book-learning. She has experienced a lifetime of learning how to navigate destructive behavior and emotional abuse, as well as divorce and single-parenting.

Sharmen specializes in navigating relationships from a Christ-centered perspective. She brings a strong sense of optimism to the table and is often able to reframe issues in a way that brings insight and motivation to change. She is most passionate about helping people get in touch with what is going on in their heart and learning to live life well with authenticity and integrity.  She loves speaking hope into hard situations and watching people grab hold of that hope to work toward a breakthrough in the mess they’re facing.

Coaching Rates

Mini Intensive (3 hour session)$420
2-day Personal Intensive$2970
3-day Marriage Intensive$4290
Custom IntensivesPlease call for estimated quote.
Hourly Sessions$165
Marriage Evaluation, 3-hours$420
Marriage Evaluation, 5-hours$700
10 Hour Package$1550
Please note that all discounted packages are non-refundable and will expire after one year of purchase.

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Recent Articles by Sharmen Kimbrough

How To Reconnect With Your Spouse

This is the time of year when so many people feel motivated to create new habits and undo some bad ones. There is something about putting away all the remnants of the festivities that that brings us back to “real life” and causes us to consider the areas of our lives that need a major overhaul—like a less than ideal marriage. While this can feel overwhelming, it really can be as simple as thinking about how to reconnect with your spouse.

A New Year, A New You

For many people, January is a time of renewed hope and a fresh start. Marking a new year often means closing one chapter and viewing the next with new purpose and expectation. But this is not the case for those stuck in emotionally abusive relationships. Their vision is obscured by the trauma of their experience, which feeds two big lies to them: 1) Everything is a threat, and nothing is to be trusted and 2) I have no power to effect the change needed to free or protect myself. It may be that you’re not feeling hopeful or confident that this new year will be any different from the last, especially when the last was compounded by the uncertainty between the pandemic and political unrest. You’re tired of hoping for change and connection. Your life has been reduced to a series of survival attempts from one day to the next. There comes a day when the reality of that either destroys you or awakens a fierce anger in you or maybe both.

Ask Us: Intervention for a Narcissist

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