Dr. Parul Patel

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

With a doctorate in marriage and family therapy, a master’s in marriage and family therapy, a second master’s in human development, and over 15 years of psychotherapy experience, Dr. Patel specializes as a marriage and relationship therapist. Having researched love in contemporary life, conflict resolution in relationships, and infidelity recovery, Dr. Patel brings this research, insight, and experience to her work with couples.

Dr. Patel speaks four languages and is a cross-cultural therapist with international experience, which allows her a deeper understanding of relationships, intimacy, communication, and connection in a larger cultural context. Her commitment to you is to help you identify your patterns and the relationship’s core problems, and to equip you with the tools and practice required to shift toward health.

Along with conducting Couples Intensives, Dr. Patel provides online sessions where she works with couples and individuals to address relationship wounds. The Couples Intensive is custom-made to fit you and your particular relationship concerns. Her approach is basic yet powerful because it leads to compassion—a key ingredient for creating a positive change. Intensive goals include providing a new perspective on your relationship, new insights on yourself and your partner, and the tools to effect and maintain healing and lasting change.

Personally, she enjoys mindfulness and yoga, as well as writing. Her novel, Meera, includes themes such as loyalty, fidelity, love, compassion, remorse, and forgiveness.

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