Is Your Marriage in Crisis?

Does divorce feel like the only real option? No matter how hopeless things seem right now, healing and restoration are possible! No marriage is beyond hope, and we have helped countless couples achieve the marriage they long for.

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What to Expect During Your Marriage Intensive

During your marriage intensive, you will experience a safe environment where you can share openly about your feelings and needs, as well as your hopes and desires for your relationship. You can expect to be challenged—but in good ways that cause you to evaluate what you do and why.

You will have the opportunity of being able to see into your spouse’s heart and understand how to stop hurting them, and to love them in a way that builds connection, intimacy and trust. This intense time of healing and rebuilding will allow you to break old patterns of behaviors that are keeping you stuck, see things from a new perspective, and build something new and better.

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An Intensive Approach to Counseling

Statistics indicate that once-a-week marriage counseling is ineffective, especially for high conflict couples whose marriages are in dire trouble. While it may offer short-term solutions to surface problems, it does very little to resolve deeply entrenched underlying issues resulting from past wounds. Our marriage intensives allow for the time needed to delve into your history, uncover the root issues and jumpstart the healing process.

Dr. Hawkins, Director and Founder of the Marriage Recovery Center, shares how a marriage intensive can be a great catalyst to launch your marriage in a new direction.

Get the Most Out of Your Marriage Counseling in Seattle

Marriage Recovery Center offers hope to couples through intensive marriage and couples counseling therapy in Seattle. Our relationship counseling offers a structured framework for couples experiencing issues of any scope in order to create harmony and to build a strong foundation for long-term success. We give you the tools needed to take practical steps to make your relationship goals, hopes, and dreams a reality.

Our results-driven approach to marriage therapy works for couples in any stage of their relationship. For those who are looking for Christian counseling in Seattle, our marriage counseling is based on a Christian framework. However, we work with people of all faiths and beliefs, and our primary mission is to help people heal and restore their marriages, regardless of their religious beliefs.

Pricing & Packages


Our intensive marriage counseling packages are designed for couples facing a crisis in their marriage. You and your spouse will receive counseling with a doctorate or masters level therapist or life coach, who will help you work through past wounds, healing dysfunctional patterns in your relationship, and learning new ways of connecting.

In working with high-conflict couples, we have found having two therapists involved in the marriage intensive to be extremely beneficial. While there are increased costs involved, the benefits are well worthwhile. Working with two therapists provides greater opportunities for intervention, change and growth, as well as the opportunity to have ‘breakout’ sessions for individual work to complement the couples’ work. We encourage you to explore this possibility with your therapist. Our Client Care Team is also happy to help you with these decisions.


Our Client Care Team is here to help guide you through the process of scheduling your Marriage Intensive.  Call us at 206.219.0145 or fill out the form below and we will be happy to help you and answer any of your questions!

Emotional abuse leaves victims feeling silenced

You Are Not Alone

Did you know that approximately 41% of men and women admit to having a physical or emotional affair during marriage? While this can seem discouraging, it also means that there is vast information and experience on overcoming what has occurred, which we use to inform our intensive marriage counseling sessions. You can also take comfort knowing that you are not the only couple experiencing a crisis and that healing is possible. We don’t want you to give in to the fear and doubt—you can experience restoration and healing.

3-Day Package

$3,770 - $5,200

  • One Pre-Intensive phone or video call session
  • 3 days (24 therapy hours) of Intensive Couple’s Counseling
  • One Post-Intensive follow up phone or video call session to ensure lasting change
  • Crisis email counseling
  • Pricing based on therapist choice
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3-Day Package w/ 2 Therapists

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  • One Pre-Intensive phone or video call session
  • 3 days (24 therapy hours) of Intensive Couple’s Counseling
  • One Post-Intensive follow up phone or video call session to ensure lasting change
  • Crisis email counseling
  • Pricing based on therapist choice
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