Are you in the midst of a crisis in your marriage?
Is divorce feeling like the only real option?

Our intensive marriage counseling packages are designed for couples facing a crisis in their marriage. You and your spouse will receive counseling with a doctorate or masters level therapist working through past wounds, healing dysfunctional patterns in your relationship, and learning new ways of connecting. We believe that no marriage is beyond hope, and have helped countless couples reach restoration and the marriage they have always longed for.

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You Are Not Alone

Did you know that approximately 41% of men and women admit to having a physical or emotional affair during marriage? While this can seem discouraging, it also means that there is vast information and experience on overcoming what has occurred,  which we use to inform our intensive marriage counseling sessions. You can also take comfort knowing that you are not the only couple experiencing a crisis, and that healing is possible. We don’t want you to give in to the fear and doubt – you can experience restoration and healing.

What to Expect During Your Marriage Intensive

During your Marriage Intensive, you will experience a peaceful and safe environment in which you can share openly and move towards real change within your relationship. You can expect to feel challenged – but in good ways that cause you to evaluate what you do and why. You can also expect to feel anticipation and hope in having a marriage that is also a great friendship.

You will learn how to pay attention to what it’s like to be married to you, and to use that feedback in order to make it a better experience. You will also have the incredible opportunity of being able to see into your spouse’s heart more deeply and understand how to love them best. The experience of a marriage intensive provides you the space to find a peaceful solution that uses your conflicts to build something totally new and better.

3-Day Package with Master's Level Therapist

  •  One Pre-Intensive phone or video call session
  • 3 days (24 therapy hours) of Intensive Marriage Counseling with our Master’s Level Marriage Specialists
  • One Post-Intensive follow up phone or video call session to ensure lasting change
  • Crisis email counseling

3-Day Package with Dr. Hawkins

  •  One Pre-Intensive phone or video call session
  • 3 days of Intensive Marriage Counseling with Dr. Hawkins (24 therapy hours)
  • One Post-Intensive follow up phone or video call session to ensure lasting change
  • Crisis email counseling