Imagine a different life.

Imagine how different your life could be if you were more intentional about what you choose to think, say, and do, rather than simply reacting to your environment.  If you want to experience a breakthrough in your relationships and personal growth, then we invite you to join us for Life Skills Training, a powerful experience for men that will change your life.

Become the man you were meant to be.

Led by Dr. David Hawkins and Lee Kaufman, Life Skills Training is a unique therapy program for men that combines the latest research with our proven intensive therapy model.  You’ll take an honest inventory of yourself and learn how and why you got to where you currently are.  You’ll also share your story and learn from others in a safe, small group setting, allowing you to gain new insights and connection with other like-minded men.

The result is accelerated healing and deep, lasting change that will transform the way you do life!





I showed up wanting to be right, wanting my wife to stop what she was doing. I left with a desire to heal my marriage and a commitment to rebuild what I have destroyed in my relationships. I have hope in what was once a seemingly a hopeless situation.
– Dave

Come heal in paradise.

Life Skills Training takes place in a beautiful hillside retreat overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Sayulita, Mexico. Mornings can be spent walking the beach, meditating, and preparing for your day.  Group sessions last through the late afternoon with time to reflect or unwind immediately after.  Evenings, you can enjoy the sights and smells of the quaint village and occasionally we will all meet for dinner to enjoy each other’s company in a more relaxed atmosphere.

During your 4-night stay, you will also be provided your own private room and bathroom, as well as breakfast and lunch each day.  Join us to rediscover your purpose and reset the trajectory of the relationships in your life!

Experience deep, lasting change.

  • Become aware of thinking patterns that are keeping you stuck, and learn how to break free from them.
  • Explore the hidden power behind the mind-body connection and how it can help you change your habits.
  • Develop practical tools for relating with others and regulating your emotions, such as mindfulness, empathy, and non-violent communication.
  • Benefit from sharing your story with other men who are going through similar struggles and learn from each other.
Senior Father With Adult Son Relaxing On Sofa At Home