Are you at the end of your rope?
Do you know you need change but don't know where to start?
Is fear keeping you from taking action?

It’s Time for an Intervention

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If you’ve tried everything to bring change to your marriage, but still find yourself stuck in the same defeating, destructive patterns, it’s time to try something different. An intervention is an extremely powerful tool that will reveal the answer to the question you’ve been asking for so long – can he/she really change?
Our intervention specialist will guide you through the intervention planning process, help you work through your fears, and address the obstacles that are preventing you from taking action. Let us help you move from chaos to clarity about what needs to happen, and from fear to courage to do the hard things that will lead to the good things.

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Intervention Planning Intensive

Packages starting at $480


  • A 3-hour planning session with an intervention specialist
  • Develop a step-by-step plan to carry out an intervention, including all the elements that must be considered like having a safety plan.
  • Includes an intervention planning workbook.
  •  A 1-hour follow-up session where you will develop a plan for continued support.
  • Price is based on which therapist you choose to work with.


*Note: This package is offered at a discounted rate and no refunds will be given once purchased.

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