Healing Together

If you are wondering whether there is hope for your narcissistic marriage, our answer is “Yes!” As one of the few practices in the world that specializes in the treatment of narcissistic and emotional abuse, we see hundreds of individuals and couples every year who seek help in this area. 

A Comprehensive Program

Through our work over the years, we’ve identified the most common barriers to healing from narcissistic and emotional abuse, and have developed a comprehensive program that embraces our philosophy of “Healing Together,” which is founded on two core beliefs. First, we believe that healing is absolutely possible. Second, we believe that it is crucial for both partners to commit to personal healing in order for real, lasting change to take place in the relationship.

We’ve developed a multi-phase program. Each phase builds on the foundation laid in the previous phase and emphasizes working together to create lasting change. The Healing Together program is designed for both partners in the relationship, and helps them learn how to be well so that they can love well.

Start walking together.

Whether you are facing divorce, trying to recover from an affair, or seeking healing from abuse, working together with your partner to address your challenges head on shows a commitment to making real change in your marriage.

In order to make the programs widely accessible, both the Core and Redeemed are offered via secure video call so anyone can participate without having to take time off from work or spend hours driving to and from the sessions. You’ll still get the same interaction and personal guidance that you would in an on-site session, but from the comfort of your home.

Common Myths About Healing From Narcissism:

MYTH: Narcissists are not capable of change. 

FACT:  Anyone can change with the right intervention and by learning the right tools! We see it here at the Marriage Recovery Center every day. Science tells us that the human brain is, absolutely, capable of being re-wired. So, if you are willing to do your part, to show up and do the work, we can create an environment that allows healing to take place.   

MYTH:  This is HIS (or HER) problem, not mine. 

FACT:  While this may be true, we’ve found that, in order for healing to take place in the marriage, both individuals must be willing to stop fingerpointing and focus on their side of the street first. When you take ownership of your role in the healing process, by what you do or don’t do, only then will you be ready to come together and address the issues in the relationship as a couple.

Success Stories