How Can You Spot the Signs of Emotional Abuse and Know When You Need to Refer to a Specialist?


Responding to a Victim of Emotional Abuse Requires Professional Training

Without Proper Training You Can Actually Cause Further Harm and Even Escalate Abuse

Did you know that 1 in 3 women are experiencing emotional abuse?

That is a fact. Emotional abuse happens when ongoing patterns of defensive behaviors are used to gain or maintain control over another person. In Christian marriages, the first place most women go for help is their pastor. Unfortunately, very few receive what they need.

There are two reasons these women leave often feeling helpless.

  1. Their true issue was not addressed. Emotional abuse is often covert, and the signs are hard to spot.
  2. They did not get the evaluation and tools they desperately need. When emotional abuse is uncovered, most pastors are not truly equipped with the tools to properly help these victims.

The result is secondary harm to the victim: additional confusion, despair and even a loss of their faith in God.

Emotional abuse leaves victims feeling silenced

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Are you missing the signs?

Without trained eyes and ears to recognize the complex dynamics of emotional abuse in the context of marriage, it’s easy to miss the signs and misdiagnose the root issue. Even more so because the perpetrators are experts at controlling and managing their external environment – they appear to be a loving, supportive spouse in public and are commonly respected leaders in the congregation.

Silent Suffering

Hear from the victims themselves:

“I was consistently told that I needed to submit more.”

“I was told by my pastor that only physical abuse warranted separation and I just need to deal with the emotional abuse.”

“My pastor made an already hopeless situation feel like a bigger pit.”

“Since I was not being physically harmed, my pastor did not see a reason for concern.”

Be her advocate.

You have probably helped countless couples navigate a marriage crisis. Maybe you even provided biblical guidance and prayed with them. But what if you could get your hands on more tools to make a true impact on their lives? What if you could greatly increase the chances of ending the emotional abuse and turning a marriage around?

Specifically for pastors

Dr. David Hawkins and Sharmen Kimbrough, MA want to help you discover how to:

  • spot the signs of emotional abuse.
  • avoid causing secondary harm during counsel.
  • know when to refer to a specialist.
  • find trusted partners to refer to.

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