Take the first step.

Committing to making positive changes in your life is the first step. Asking for help is the second.

Beginning in Counseling

Our approach to counseling is a bit different than you might have experienced before. We follow a solution-based therapy model that begins with an evaluation—either as part of a couple or an individual. After the evaluation is finished, your therapist will layout a step-by-step treatment plan to help you overcome the problems you are facing.

Define the  problems

Discuss the healing  process

Devise & implement a  plan

Packages starting at only $350

Marriage Evaluation

Work with a therapist over the course of three 1-hour sessions to define the problems, discuss the healing process, and devise a plan to overcome the issues in your marriage.

Personal Mini Intensive

Work with a therapist in one 3-hour session to address the topics of healing you seek and devise a plan to help you reach your personal goals.