Common Questions

What if my spouse refuses to do counseling?
How much are your services?
Do you take insurance?
Do you offer hourly counseling?

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We’ve been to several counselors and nothing works.
Why should we come to you?

We want our clients to heal and move forward as quickly as possible, so we start by evaluating what the real issues are rather than focusing on the symptoms. Then, we will often prescribe intensive therapy or longer weekly sessions to help you stay focused on growth and overcome your challenges quickly.

Therapy Q&A

Yes! All of our counselors are very experienced in recognizing and navigating this complex issue. We have several programs dedicated to helping victims heal and helping those with emotionally abusive tendencies break these harmful habits.

We have several programs designed to help individuals overcome narcissistic tendencies and we are seeing lives transformed! The old thinking that narcissism is untreatable simply has not kept up with current research. It’s also important to note that full-blown Narcissistic Personality Disorder is actually quite rare—most of the individuals we see have narcissistic tendencies rather than NPD.

Our therapeutic models continue to prove high rates of healing and transformation in our clients.  Progress is always dependent, of course, on the client’s willingness and commitment to do the work necessary for personal growth and healing.

Yes! We are a Christian organization with a primarily Christian staff, but we work with people of all faiths. This means that we typically offer a biblical standpoint during counseling sessions, but allow our clients the space to practice their faith as they see fit.

Yes! Dr. Hawkins speaks nationally at events, conferences, and churches on a variety of topics. Sharmen Kimbrough is also available to speak, and is especially passionate about helping women heal from abusive relationships. Contact us to learn more about our rates and scheduling availability.

Rates & Billing Information

The bulk of our counseling and programs take place via secure video call or by phone! We also offer several in-person intensive therapy programs in Washington state, North Carolina, and Mexico. We hope to expand to other locations in the future.

We do not currently bill to insurance but, for therapy done with one of our licensed therapists, we do provide our clients with invoices that can be submitted to their insurance for reimbursement, providing they have mental health coverage.

We offer a wide variety of marriage, individual, and group intensive programs that range from 2 days to 4 days. Prices range from $1500 – $4900 depending on the type of program.

Our rates vary depending on the therapist you are working with, but range from $125 – $185 per therapy hour. This rate can be decreased if you purchase a package of hours or intensive therapy.

Our goal is to bring hope to those who are in need of help, but we are currently unable to offer scholarships to those who are not able to afford therapy. We hope to one day expand the ministry side of our business as we continue growing as a company.

We do offer reduced rates on some packages and group therapy programs.  Contact our Client Care team for further details.

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