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Our mission is to heal marriages and help individuals find freedom from unhealthy behaviors and past hurts. Our team is passionate about this work and we are here to serve you.

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At the Marriage Recovery Center, we are passionate about helping you find hope and healing for yourself and your relationships.

We use a solution-based counseling approach that offers practical solutions to help couples and individuals move from old ways of relating and destructive cycles to health and healing in their relationships. We also use an emotionally-focused couples therapy model during our Marriage Intensives to help couples identify “raw spots” and “blind spots.” This approach uses the strengths within your marriage to identify predictable patterns of disconnection and ways to reconnect to each other emotionally.

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We use a solution-based approach that helps people move from old ways of relating and destructive cycles, with practical solutions that bring healing.

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Success Stories

Our marriage was in a desperate place, but the 4-Day Marriage Intensive was a turning point of healing and restoration for my wife and I. The intimate setting, the other couples involved, and the therapists who worked with us were all critical parts to the miraculous changes in our marriage that began that weekend.

Joseph, Ann Arbor, MI

Dr. Hawkins and his team are lifesavers. My husband and I started our 3-day intensive with a failed marriage, and we returned home with a new outlook and a plan to save our marriage. We had been separated for almost 2 years, ready to file for divorce, and Dr. Hawkins worked with us intensely to teach us how to function in a healthy environment and love again! Thank you, Katie, for being patient with us and arranging our schedules. We are MORE than grateful for you all!

Cynthia, Carrboro, NC

After years of being controlled by my spouse and feeling alone and helpless, I found a truly understanding friend in Dr. Hawkins. He was patient and peaceful, yet able to say the hard things we needed to hear. I feel stronger and in better control after our intensive.

Denise, Littleton, CO

My Personal Intensive was the most pivotal turnaround moment for me in my life, to this point. We took 16 hours to dissect, discern, teach, unpeel layers of shame and guilt, and simply learn what I carried from childhood into my marriage and how it has affected my relationships. I will forever be grateful.

Rick, Spanish Fork, UT

This experience was exactly what I’ve been praying for. It challenged us to listen to each other in ways we never had and equipped us with tools and a path forward to change our course. I’ve been praying for something to “rock us” so that things could change. Initially, I worried about the cost, but despite our current financial situation, I can honestly say this was the best money we’ve ever spent and an expense that was so necessary and worth every penny.

Melissa, Georgetown, SC

The Men’s Intensive was deeply impactful—a life-changing experience. It was one of, if not the most, important events of my life.

Sam, Louisville, KY

Many people have challenges—bad habits and bad thinking are hard to change, but Dr. Hawkins is on a mission to help! There is hope and another way to marriage recovery other than the mainstream recommendation of divorce.

Edward, Dallas, TX

Dr. Hawkins and the Marriage Recovery Center have been proudly featured on:

American Association of Christian Counselors
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